POP'n Picks of the Week: 9/4/2019

In our weekly installment of the POP'n Picks Of The Week, we like to review some of the biggest trending books that are showing increased interest and value. This could range from trends based on reader hype, to price balloons, to other anomalies in the collector world that have caught the attention of collectors on the net.

This was a pretty solid week for comic books, particularly for Indie books/publishers. Let's dive right in.

Spawn #300

A landmark issue for Spawn, the soon to be longest running creator owned comic! Packed with a bunch of firsts and maybe even some cameos, this is definitely one to get even for non-Spawn readers! Its been such big sell that it even went onto a second printing the day of release. These shouldn't be too hard to find aside from the Cover A and the ASM 300 parody, due to them being tied to McFarlane. Grab yours soon!

Something is Killing the Children #1

Already a hit out the gate and scheduled for a FOURTH printing due out in October, Something is Killing the Children is BOOM! Studios latest hit book.

All covers are sold out nearly everywhere, but the one to get is the Jenny Frison Variant. That one is just straight up... killer.

House of X #4


I mean. The series has been on fire and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you haven't already joined the hype train, I suggest you jump on soon. There should be plenty of affordable reprints if you didn't manage to snag a copy of the first print on release.

And that's all I have for this week's POP'n Picks!

Happy Hunting!

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