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POP!s at POP! : Endgame Wave 3

Funko has been killing it with their POP! releases.

While the original wave was a bit lackluster with it being made up primarily of the heroes with their time travel suits, they stepped up their (end) game with this latest release of more epic movie moments.

My personal favorites from this wave have got to be Cap wielding Mjolnir and his hacked up shield and Spidey going Kill Mode with the Gauntlet.

Fat Thor is funny, but could have been just slightly better had he been dual-wielding with a Stein in the other hand.

I'm personally not a fan of Captain Marvel's hairdo (I've always been partial to Ms. Marvel's long hair), but aside from that CM is actually pretty cool looking, reminding movie-goers that she went toe to toe with Thanos, until he cheated.

Taco Hulk is sweet, but it reminds me that he doesn't do a lot of.... Hulk-ing during the movie.

And Burnt Thanos is... meh. His scars don't quite portray the extent of his damage as I think they intended to.

In any case, there's a load more effort thrown into this Wave than the initial one.

Be sure to pre-order your favorites at your favorite retailers!

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