POP: Trending Comics of the Week 6/12/19

In our weekly installment of POP: Trending Comics Of The Week, we like to review the biggest books of the week that are showing increased interest and value. This could range from trends based on reader hype, to price balloons, to other anomalies in the collector world that have caught the attention of collectors on the net.

Die #1

"Die #1" Cover A by Stephanie Hans

One of my personal favorite Ongoing Indie Titles, Die, has blown up in popularity due to its engaging fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons-like, storyline. But as with most hot POP-ing books, the big push in recent notice has to do with the wonderful news of a Media Option for tv or movie development!

Die #1 has had FIVE printings and a couple of store exclusives, and has been recently collected into a trade paperback, so be sure to give it a read!

"Die #1" Cover B

Oblivion Song #1

"Oblivion Song #1" Standard Cover A

Another Kirkman Book getting a media option? Who woulda thunk it!

Oblivion Song #1 has been getting more attention again as well! While originally massively overprinted, copies have finally sold out at the distributor level, and now are starting to rise up not only in interest, but in price as well. This book currently has a very light array of variants, one being the Cover A with a pink signature by the artist, and a special foil version of the book with the collector's edition.

Secret Variants: Venom #15/Symbiote Spider-Man #3

In anticipation for the big Marvel Event of the summer (another one, I know, but this one should be better), the titles with a teaser page for this book will have tendrils on randomized copies.


These books are being crazy sought after due to the fact that they were not announced prior to their release, and in no known ratio, making them potentially more scarce than the variant cover that retailers were open to order.

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