POPular Picks (5/6/2019)

Welcome back everyone!

There are a quite a few good books that will be coming out this week. If you are a Jeff Lemire fan, Midtown Comics has signed copies available of Ascender #1 (also signed by Dustin Nguyen), Descender Vol. 1-6, Gideon Falls Vol 1&2, and Royal City Vol 1-3.

"Batman And The Outsiders Vol 3 #1" Cover A Regular Tyler Kirkham Cover

This week DC Comics releases the next installment of The Batman Who Laughs mini-series, with the Batman Who Laughs searching for a "happy" Bruce from another dimension to complete his serum.

Batman will also star in another series this week with the launch of Batman and the Outsiders, Vol. 3 #1. Possible first appearance of the meta-human Sofia Barrera. Flash #70 will start "The Flash: Year One" story arc, this will be a retelling of the origin of The Flash (Barry Allen).

"War Of The Realms New Agents Of Atlas #1" Cover A Regular Billy Tan Cover

Marvel Comics continues their War of the Realms event with Strikeforce: War Avengers, which will have the first team appearance of the War Avengers in it. Another new War of the Realms tie-in series is New Agents of Atlas, this issue will have many new appearances in it.

X-23 # 12 will be the series finale.

Spider-Man Deadpool #50 releases this week with Spider-Man and Deadpool fighting the Manipulator to save the entire Marvel Universe. Spider-Man will also star in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6, this will be the first appearance of Spider-Bite.

Killer B Covers

Wonder Woman #70 Marvel Annotated #3 Justice League Odyssey #9

Jenny Frison Variant Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Lucio Parriollo Variant

Alex Ross Covers

Captain America #9 Savage Sword of Conan #5 Marvels Annotated #3

Top 3 Picks

Metalshark Bro #1

Scout Comics

"Metalshark Bro #1" Cover by Walt Ostlie

A new series coming from Scout Comics about a shark that has a run-in with Satan's nephew. The shark is forcibly altered with a human-like physique and a taste for violence. With these new abilities he is tasked with collecting the souls of all of those that have sworn allegiance to Satan. Coming from writers Bob Frantz & Kevin Cuffe, with illustrations by Walt Ostlie... this should be a really fun read. (Cover A is sold out at Midtown)

Afterburn Crossfire #1

Red 5 Comics

"Afterburn Crossfire #1"

Coming from Red 5 Comics a new post-apocalyptic series written by Scott Chitwood, with art by Rod Thorton. There was a early preview for this series on FCBD this past Saturday. This title releases ahead of the already announced movie. A group of survivors must hunt ancient relics, the hostile mutated survivors won't make it easy for them.

Excellence #1

Image Comics

"Excellence #1" Cover A Regular Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez Cover

Image Comics releases a new magic series, about a secret society of black magicians that exist to better the lives of others with their abilities. One new magician that is to take his father's position in the secret society, sees the flaws and starts a revolution to create a better future for him and the society. This new series is coming from writer Brandon Thomas, with artwork by Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez .

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