POPular Picks of the Week (6/26/2019)

Welcome back everyone to another great week in comics. There's a bunch of cool stuff going on this week: there should be some epic conclusions for a few series, along with some new and exciting series hitting the shelves.

"Canto #1" Cover A Regular by Drew Zucker

IDW Publishing continues their hit series Ghost Tree, and Road of Bones. Ghost Tree will also have reprints of issue one and two coming out with the release of issue three. If you missed out the first time around you can catch up this week. Canto is a new all-ages fable inspired by Wizard of Oz and Dante's Inferno, with story by David M. Booher and art from Drew Zucker. Tim Seely and Jim Terry come together this week to bring us a new Crow in the new series Crow Hack and Slash. Transformers Ghostbusters #1 is a new crossover event coming from the fan-favorite Ghostbusters creative team of Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, and Luis Antonio Delgado.

"Batman Damned #3" Cover A Regular by Lee Bermejo

DC Comics will finally be giving us the third and finale issue to their Black Label Batman: Damned from Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. Actions Comics #1012 will be the next issue in the "Event Leviathan" story arc. "The Flash Year One" continues with Flash #73, and Silencer comes to an end this week with issue #18. Image Comics and Todd McFarlane are one issue closer to setting a new record this week with the release of Spawn #298. Image continues their hit series Ascender this week, and they also bring Weatherman back this week.

"Spider-Man Featuring Spider-Ham Annual #1" Cover C Variant by Ron Lim

Marvel Comics has quite a bit going on this week. The "War of the Realms" event come to its worlds' shattering conclusion in War of the Realms #6. Rob Liefield's newest mini-series will come to its conclusion this week in Major X #6. The Amazing Spider-Man #24 is rumored to have the enemy Kindred return, a villain we haven't seen since the beginning of the newest series started up. Spider-Man Annual #1 has some great Peter Porker covers, could also have a first appearance. Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, and Sam Kieth write three new stories for Wolverine: Exit Wounds #1.

"Steel Cage #1" cover

Ahoy Comics introduces their newest series Steel Cage #1, an issue that contains three different standalone stories. The only difference in this series is that you, the reader get to be the one to vote for which story gets to continue being published. Operation Overlord #1 is an international best-selling graphic novel series that is being translated to English for the first time by Rebellion. This first issue focuses on the fighting around the French town of Saint-Mere-Eglise. Source Point Press has teamed up with Eastin DeVerna and Shawn Daley to bring you Samauri Grandpa, a warrior who must set out one last time into a mysterious and magical world and face enemies new and old, in order to bring his granddaughter back.

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