Post Americana #1 ADVANCE REVIEW: Mad Max meets Kill Bill

Story and Art: Steve Skroce, Colours: Dave Stewart, Letters and Design: Fonografiks.

In a world where America is a dystopian nightmare like Mad Max, some survivors are locked away in a bubble, waiting for the apocalypse to blow over. Unfortunately, a citizen has declared himself the President. A group of rebels try to rectify the situation, but in their attempt to get away, they crash outside the bubble. Now they have to deal with not just the deadly environment, but also cannibals and crazy gangs who call the wasteland their home. Even if they can survive all that, I’m not sure they can survive the mutated murderous chickens that are loose.

This was a book I was aware of as I’d seen it advertised, but the biggest draw for me was the fantastic cover art. Steve Skroce's art reminded me of the now classic cover to the DVD Evil Dead 3 – Army of Darkness. Add to that the title itself, and I was definitely interested.

Starting with a full page spread of the President of the United States addressing the nation, this very traditional beginning makes the audience think we are in for a more serious comic than what we are given. The first thing that caught my eye was how good the art was. I always have such respect for someone who can do both script and art, and to do it well is an even greater success. We are treated to some beautiful full art pages that can be very striking. One of which I have showcased below. This use of the page does have its limitations, as we can see in the issue. If a full double page is used with some annotation, this can make it slightly difficult to read a digital copy, as you have to go ahead to read the panel you were on, to then jump back to where you were. This however is only a minor issue that I have with the book.

After the daring escape, we are then treated to how the book actually develops. Crazy cannibals, even crazier leaders, and of course the mutated murder chickens. Despite starting so serious, it quickly shows its true colours and is a surprising amount of fun.

I would say that it’s a fine line to tread between bad ass, Kill Bill-like main character and one that’s kind of likable, and I’m leaning more to the latter. We are still only one issue in and we don’t have much of a backstory for her (we don’t even know her name), so hopefully the likability will come with more character development. Other than that this is a really strong first issue, from a frequent Wachowski collaborator (including storyboard artist on The Matrix).

This is a limited series of 6 issues, so I’m curious about how much development we will get from characters, considering how we leave the characters at the end of the first issue. Either way, I’m in for what could be a fun ride in this Mad Max-style book with more of a comedic element.

Post Americana from Image Comics will be released on 2nd December from your local comic shop, as well as comixology

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