Post Americana #7 REVIEW: A beautiful looking yet unsatisfactory conclusion

Story and art by: Steve Skroce, Colours by: Dave Stewart, Letters and design by: Fonografiks.

Marcy betrayed the gang, left with the all important Eden data, and sent the night terror to kill them all. She gets to Eden, where she now plans to start again. Carolyn takes the Wonders (the animatronic cartoon mascots) that are still alive, looking for revenge for her mother and Mike from both Marcy and the President.

So we reach the conclusion of this ultra-violent, over-the-top series. Not one to take itself too seriously, it keeps the trend up until the last minute, even making a call-back to the mutated murderous chickens from the first issue. As I have done with other books, I have an issue with long delays, and this is no exception. I can forgive books that are delayed through no fault of their own, or if there is a specific reason why—maybe the artist wanted to do better, or script changes need to be made. For this particular book, it seems that the art is consistent, so there shouldn’t have been need for delays there. It could be down to script changes, which I’ll come to. No matter the reason, I personally feel that 5 months between issues is too long. I had to go back and refresh my memory of the last one. This kind of delay could hurt the sales of the book, and I hope for its sake it doesn’t, as it’s still fun but it’s still a problem for any series to have such lengthy delays.

Now I mention script changes as a possible factor for delays. I thought this, as throughout the series, we have been set up for a big showdown between Carolyn and the Big Bad, President Nathaniel. Writer/Artist Steve Skroce even went so far to give Nathaniel his own issue to flesh out his character, making him the best kind of antagonist: one that we can relate to a little. Although, we have reached the final issue and that legendary showdown I was hoping for was nowhere to be seen. Nathaniel is portrayed as weak, despite this issue showing how strong he is. He becomes cowardly when Eden is attacked by Marcy, who then has a showdown with Carolyn like she’s the main antagonist. This is a little bit disappointing, as she’s not been in the series that long and we have had so much time seeing the Nathaniel character develop. What makes it even worse is that in this ultra -violent book, neither of them come to an “end”. We are told in an epilogue that Nathaniel was seen around the wasteland and presumed dead. So we don’t even get the satisfaction of seeing him get his comeuppance.

Although I was left with personally a rather inadequate ending to the arc in regards to the writing, the artwork was consistent, with beautiful colours by Dave Stewart. I have loved how colourful this series is, despite it being a rather bleak post-apocalyptic world that deals with some dark material. There were a number of pages in just this book alone that had me stop and just take in the beauty of the art (I say that as it actually depicts violence, yet it’s done in a stunning abs stylish way).

Overall, I still found this series fun and would recommend it to people for the absurdity. It’s a series that isn’t afraid to go to dark places while having fun doing it. I will also say that even though I had problems with the conclusion, I have an enormous amount of respect for Steve Skroce, who throughout the series was doing both the script and the art. As I have said before, there are only a few that I believe can do it and do it well enough to have their book stand out in a good way.

Post Americana #7 released from Image Comics on 1st December from your Local Comic Shop and digitally from 8th December from comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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