"Postal: Deliverance #1" arrives right on time with a fiery punch

By Bryan Hill (Writer), Matt Hawkins (Writer, Creator), Raffaele Ienco (Artist), Troy Peteri (Letterer)

"Postal: Deliverance #1" cover

I hadn't read Postal (2015) which is the preceding series to Deliverance, but honestly I didn't need to. The writers did such a good job of creating an engrossing story, that had I not known a previous series existed, I'd still be okay just jumping in. So what's it about?

There are multiple stories occurring at once in Postal: Deliverance. That of Mark, the mayor of the small town of Eden, and his wife and child; Erik, a man on the run who finds his new home in this new town; and Laura, Mark's mother. Erik ends up in Eden after what appears to be the murder of his family; Mark is taking on new responsibilities as mayor; and Laura is living a solitary life in Florida. How are these lives connected? The dots are there and the lines are being drawn, so it may take a few issues to understand, but it's going to be worth it.

I don't really pick up Top Cow books, mostly because the artists and design of their series tend to throw me off a bit. They're all almost hyper-realistic. This one, though, I decided to give a try. I was not disappointed. Hill and Hawkins' writing is fast-paced but they know how to set a tone. Coupled with Ienco's art and you have a crime thriller-meets Firefly sort of feel. I am already getting to know each character and it's only been one issue; that's great writing.

Ienco's art falls into the hyper-realistic category, but for some reason I really enjoy it. It's sort of like Steve Dillon trying out a Norman Rockwell phase. Each character has a distinct look and each setting as well. Even though there's not a lot of action, it always feels like there is; that's great art.

I'm looking forward to what's in store for this series, and I may even pick up Postal just to see what I missed. I suggest you do the same.

Recommended Reading:

Postal (2015)

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