"Pretty Violent #1" is... Pretty Violent

Image has a wonderful new series coming out in a few weeks that is showing a lot of promise right from the first issue.

"Pretty Violent #1" Cover A by Young

For fans of I Hate (F***) Fairyland, we get a new series by a Young.

Mind you this isn't Skottie's work, but rather a combination of work of Derek Hunter and JASON Young.

Pretty Violent features a young new "superhero", Gamma Rae, trying her hand at superheroics and consequently failing at every venture she tries her hand at.

Hunter pens a wonderfully goofy, yet extremely gore filled story about what it might be like for people attempting to be helpful in a variety of situations, only to be foiled by their eagerness and inexperience in these cases.

Pretty Violent also focuses on the common trope of people trying to speed their way through life, without putting in the preliminary work required to achieve the goals they're looking to accomplish.

Our other resident Young paints all of this perfectly throughout the book, with his pencils bringing to life the story through the child like view of our "hero" Gamma Rae. Her immature demeanor and sugar-hyped-like attitude towards heroics is much easier to envision with Jason's art style.

If you're looking for a goofy, colorful and... Pretty Violent story, then be sure to Pre-order Pretty Violent #1 from your Local Comic Shop or favorite online retailer!

Releasing on August 21, 2019 and featuring a variant cover by current Amazing Spider-Man and former Invincible penciller , Ryan Ottley, this book is sure to be a smash hit!

"Pretty Violent #1" Cover B Ottley

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