PREVIEW REVIEW: Adventureman #2 – the plot thickens, with beautiful art and colors from the Dodsons

Written by Matt Fraction, Pencils and colours by Terry Dodson, Inks by Rachel Dodson, Letters by Clayton Cowles.

So we are back with Fraction and the Dodsons, and their pulp-style homage to the classics. This new series has been portrayed by Fraction as his Indiana Jones. Something that can last and be a worldwide action adventure for the whole family.

Adventureman #2 kicks off with Claire and Tommy reading their new book detailing more about Adventureman, Inc. and their main antagonist Baron Bizarre. Claire is trying to keep her thoughts to herself or risk sounding crazy to both Tommy and her sisters, before a surprise encounter with some bugs ruins her and her sisters' soufflés day. This causes her to act in an unexpected way; she searches for the address stamped on the book, but will she find anything? Will her questions need to be validated?

The first thing I noticed about issue 2 was how consistently good the art is. Seeming to better what was delivered in issue 1. Terry and Rachel Dodson really are hitting it out the park with this book. It looks absolutely stunning, and I fully expect their artwork to be nominated in next years Eisner for Best Penciller / Inker team. I've never followed art before, but this could have me convinced to start following. I’m mostly drawn into a book by writing, so in the hands of a lesser writer, I now wonder if their art can keep me interested.

Although I have many good things to say about the artwork to this book, I do have one issue. It seems like the Dodsons and Clayton Cowles didn’t communicate about the colour of the letters and the colour of the backgrounds. In some of the panels the white letters blend in with the light backgrounds, making it very hard to read, to the point where I had to zoom in on my digital copy. This small detail did take me out of the story a little, however isn’t enough to bring down the book, it’s still overall, a beautiful work of art.

The writing is still exceptional from Matt Fraction. The only thing that I would say could improve it for me, would be having slightly more of the Adventureman, Inc. storyline. In the first issue, it was evenly split 30 pages each, however here we get only 3. I have full faith in the team that we will eventually get more of their story as Claire learns it. For me, the ratio seems slightly skewed. That’s not to say that Claire isn’t a good character, she’s great. We are still learning about her. I just would very much like to see more from the “original” team.

Despite my issues, which are very personal and only small issues at that, this book continues to deliver the high octane adventure/thriller that the title promises. With a protagonist who is as interesting as she is smart. Showing both her cheeky side as well as her intellectual side within these pages.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Although seeming to be a book giving homage to classic cliches, it delivers a story and characters that are fresh. I hope that we can get the world building that has been promised by Fraction.

Adventureman #2 will release on 8th July from your local comic shop, as well as online at comixology

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