"Prodigy" miniseries ends, leaving us satisfied, yet craving more of its intellectual hero

Publisher: Image Comics, Writer: Mark Millar, Artist: Rafael Albuquerque, Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo, Letterer: Peter Doherty, Cover Artists: Rafael Albuquerque (Main cover), Christian Ward (Variant)

Mark Millar knocks it out of the park in this 6-issue mini-series finale. In the sixth and final issue of Millar’s soon-to-be-on-Netflix production, our hero/genius/billionaire Edison Crane faces insurmountable odds, which by now we know won’t slow the protagonist down. Edison Crane spans the globe piecing together ancient scrolls and artifacts left by a mysterious traveler from another world. He delves into the world of a centuries-old cult trying to prevent the end of our universe, all while figuring out how to stop an asteroid set on a collision course with Earth. With Crane laying on the operating table slipping into his subconscious, and an alien invasion on the way that takes root in ancient Babylon, how will our Prodigy save himself,humanity, AND still make it home in time to attempt his next death-defying stunt?!!

An arrogant, eccentric protagonist seems like someone who’d get on the reader’s nerves, but Crane is relatable and easy to root for! Millar’s writing is first class as usual, with Albuquerque complementing that writing with artwork painting a portrait of the life and world of the smartest man alive. With gorgeous panels of ancient Egypt and Babylon, and landscapes of an alien planet that will tickle your imagination, Albuquerque is on top of his game.

This series was everything I was hoping and what I’ve come to expect from the inimitable Mark Millar. With the success of the author’s past works and his new deal with Netflix, this series has a great chance in becoming a small screen hit!!

I highly recommend this series. If you haven’t picked up the first five issues, do yourself a favor and ask your local shop to order them for you! Or go to Comixology to purchase a digital copy.

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