Dynamite hopes all of our American fans had a great holiday weekend, and everyone else a just as great non-holiday weekend! This week we have some of our most exciting titles in stores! The first issue of Birth of the She-Devil was a hit and now you can continue her early adventures with the second! With Vampirella #1 out next week, Bettie's space-time travels have her feeling a little bloodthirsty! Xena and Gabrielle continue their misadventures with Discord! Young James Bond is up to some shenanigans in London! And Steve Austin's Japanese journey of malfunctions and mishaps comes to an end! All IN-STORES 7/10!

RED SONJA: BIRTH OF THE SHE-DEVIL #2 Writer: Luke Lieberman  I  Art: Sergio Davila

Covers A: Lucio Parilli | B: Sergio Davila | C: Cosplay

The previously untold story of the early years of Red Sonja continues in Birth of the She-Devil #2! The stakes continue to grow as Sonja is thrust back into an uneasy alliance that combines elements of her past against deadly new Hyborian foe as a literal death cult seeks to enslave all those in their path!

BETTIE PAGE: UNBOUND #2 Writer: David Avallone  I  Art: Julius Ohta

Covers A: John Royle | B: Scott Chantler | C: David Williams

Covers D: Julius Ohta | E: Photo Cover

A new dimensional shift finds our heroine with sharpened canines, an eye-catching monokini, and a taste for blood...but if that's what it takes to stop the Great Old Ones from destroying our reality, pour her a Type O plasma on the rocks! The Crisis on Infinite Betties continues, and only our Pin-Up Protagonist can save the multiverse, in part two of the epic four-part saga from writer David Avallone (ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK) and artist Julius Ohta (SHERLOCK HOLMES).

XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS #4 Writer: Vita Ayala I  Art: Erica D'Urso

Covers A: David Mack | B: Emanuela Lupacchino | C: Paulina Ganucheau

Xena's World Tour rolls on! This month...ALASKA!? The Warrior Princess, her companion Gabrielle, and the dastardly (and depowered) god Discord are forced to fend off the freeze and may have make a deal with (ANOTHER!?) god in order to get back home! By VITA AYALA (Shuri, Wonder Woman) and ERICA D'URSO (The Life of Captain Marvel)!

JAMES BOND ORIGIN #11 Writer: Jeff Parker  I  Art: Ibrahim Moustafa

Covers A: Dan Panosian | B: Mike Dowling | C: Dean Kotz

Covers D: Ibrahim Moustafa | E: Bob Q

"The Debt" continues. Lieutenant James Bond learns a new skill. A former friend helps atone for the death of another. And Bond descends into a part of war-torn London that few fresh faces emerge from unscathed. By JEFF PARKER (Aquaman, Fantastic Four) and IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA (Mother Panic).

THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN #5 Writer: Christopher Hastings  I  Art: David Hahn

Covers A: Michael Walsh | B: David Hahn | C: Vasil Georgiev

It's all (obviously) led to this! Steve Austin: Barely alive! His body: Not-at-ALL functional! Secret Agent Niko Abe: Exhausted from trying to save the world while dragging a broken-down-cyborg all over the place! Can our jarringly-positive hero pick his nearly-worthless @$$ up in time to stop a secret assassination!?!?!?


Deluxe Edition Also Available! - At your Local Comic Shop, wherever else books are sold or straight from us!

Twenty-five years ago, Namco released Tekken and redefined the fighting game genre in three dimensions. Known for its deep gameplay, cutting edge graphics, and operatic lore, Tekken has become synonymous with the PlayStation brand while remaining one of the last vestiges of the arcade. The Art of Tekken: A Complete Visual History follows the series history through a visual feast of iconic games and characters, as well as in-depth interviews with the Bandai Namco developers who made it a reality and the players who made it a phenomenon on its way to becoming one of the best-selling fighting game series in history. It's a complete visual retrospective of one of the most indispensable parts of gaming history, over a quarter century in the making, including art from all seven games of the franchise and more.

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