Retro Cover Of The Week Independence Day edition reminds us of the true meaning of Patriotism

What it means to be a Patriot has gotten muddied and even weaponized lately. Hopefully these non-political Retro covers will remind us of when Patriotism applied to any and all Americans who have pride in their country, and are prepared to unite together to defend it.

Jack Burnley, 1943

Jerry Ordway, 1991

C.C. Beck, 1943

Adam Hughes, 2006

John Romita, Sr/Jose Marzan Jr, 2003

Ed Hannigan/Dick Giordano, 1983

John Cassaday, 2002

Adi Granov, 2013

Jim Steranko, 1968

David Finch, 2013

Daniel Adel, 2002

Howard Chaykin, 1983

John Cassady, 2002

Dave Bullock, 2003

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