Sabrina drags 'em and condemns 'em, in an all-new episode of her "Chilling Adventures"

"Drag Me to Hell" starts off with a reunion of sorts for Sabrina and her beloved Nick Scratch. Despite his deep betrayal, the young witch just can't let him go. She is as frustrating as any lovelorn teenager in the eyes of an adult, forever reckless, thoughtless of the true bearing her actions have on the rest of the world or realms. When you think about it, what else can you expect from a teen witch who can't stop fawning for the normalcy of her mortal side?

Throughout the series, Sabrina has been quite the progressive individual. However, any attempt to change the ways of the witches and warlocks in her coven, or worse yet, the "old ways" that have always been since before Lucifer fell from Heaven, have been met with an intense hostility at each turn. Even as the new Queen of Hell, Sabrina's seat on the throne is questioned and in competition with the Hell King's choice, Prince Caliban, a princely looking blonde formed from the mud of Hell. Every risk she takes in protesting the old ways brings with it the reality of Caliban overthrowing her reign. Sabrina's mortal realm is in genuine jeopardy, but the gravitas just isn't getting through to her.

This episode is definitely a step up from the Part Three (Season Three) premiere as it doesn't have the duty of explaining what happened last season. With that said, there is definitely more time to delve into Ambrose and Prudence's overseas search for Faustus Blackwood, which I can't wait to get into more detail about next review. There's also the side plot of Aunt Zelda's takeover as Diretrix at the Academy of Unseen Arts and the worry she has about not being up to the task.

Well-established TV director Alex Pillai of London directs "Drag Me to Hell." He comes from directing a couple of episodes of Riverdale and has also directed an episode of the Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene. So Pillai is well aware of what it takes to guide an Archie Comics drama.

Another Archie Comics universe notable is producer/write Ross Maxwell, who is the writer of this episode. Maxwell's credits include Co-Producer/Staff Writer for the hit musical TV series Glee , Supervising Producer/Writer for Riverdale and Supervising Producer/Writer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as of the series' Part 2. Though his actual writing credits aren't as expanse as his producing, Maxwell serves up a nice little teeny bopper dance number and engrossing story.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 3 is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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