Sabrina's final season is darker than ever in its CHILLING premiere!

The Eldritch Dark

Greendale has been plagued by countless misadventures over the past three seasons of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The premiere season centered around young Sabrina’s dark baptism after her 16th birthday. Many expected to see the half mortal/half witch write her name in the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast. Madam Satan, who is sent to pose as a mentor for Sabrina, to ensure she does sign the book, is eventually successful, fulfilling her mission at the command of the Dark Lord.

Season two rang in the dawn of Faustus Blackwood as an additional antagonist alongside Madam Satan and the Dark Lord. They each have their own plan for Sabrina that would service their own desires for power. Ultimately, Sabrina makes an amends of sorts with Madam Satan, who has been revealed to be Lilith, Lucifer’s concubine. Together, they imprison Lucifer in a warlock’s body (Nick Scratch) and Lilith takes him with her as she descends to the throne as the new Queen of Hell.

Sabrina and Ambrose Spellman are back in action

In season three, Sabrina reluctantly takes on the crown as Queen of Hell with Lilith now an advisor in order to prevent a coup by the malevolent clay Prince of Hell, Caliban. The Greendale coven faces a new enemy of its own as the Old Ones, pagans from a long forgotten time, return to reclaim the Earth by resurrecting the Green Man. Faustus Blackwood continues to be a problem for the coven despite being recently captured. Eventually he is able to flee and completes a spell to bring forth the Eldritch Terrors as the Old Ones are defeated by Sabrina and the coven. In all of this time, Sabrina has gone through one hell of a time experiencing great learning pains not only as a witch and Queen, but in love and family life as well. She is torn between fulfilling her duties as Queen and wanting to be a normal mortal high schooler, which leads to the reckless decision of creating a time paradox by allowing two versions of herself to simultaneously exist as Sabrina Morningstar and Sabrina Spellman.

Sabrina the lonely

This brings us to the present, with the final season of Chilling Adventures. Admittedly, Sabrina’s decisions and actions were excruciatingly frustrating in season three, but the final season should expectantly show a good measure of maturity in Sabrina. “The Eldritch Dark” conveniently lays out the eight Eldritch terrors that are well on their way to attacking Greendale, with an effect that could swallow all of the realms. Unfortunately, the terrors are far from the minds of the residents, who have moved on from the last battle with only one Spellman remaining the ever wary individual. Soon the alarms go off, stirring witches and warlocks into action to arm themselves against the first terror, Darkness. All the while, Sabrina is consumed by an ever growing feeling of loneliness as her friends and family embark on their own paths in their relationships. Despite the extreme danger, she seeks a way to see what life is like for Sabrina Morningstar, whether or not she has made the wrong decision in opting to stay in the mortal realm.

Sabrina Spellman and Sabrina Morningstar

Overall, “The Eldritch Dark” is good episode to ease in the beginning of the end of the series. It is interesting to see all that needs to be done to tackle the Eldritch Dark, the expectedly weakest terror. Each passing episode will present an increase in the gravity of the potential end of all realms. All will culminate in the grand finale, which, honestly, may be a bit sad to reach. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been a great series to experience, with it being easy to rewatch again and again. So take this final season easy. Enjoy it for all it is worth as we near the end of our favorite chilling adventures.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now streaming in its entirety on Netflix.

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