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Sabrina the reckless teen witch is at it again in Part 3, Ep 3 of her "Chilling Adventures"

Sabrina Spellman, Queen of Hell

“Heavy Is the Crown” begins with Harvey Kinkle’s father giving him a bit of “the talk” as he has noticed how into Roz his son has become. Yes, Harvey and Roz are still an item and openly so. They no longer tip-toe around the subject with Sabrina as it appears she has fully let go of all romantic feelings for Harvey. This, however, doesn’t mean there still isn’t tension between Harvey and ‘brina’s beloved Nick Scratch. We can’t worry about that though, because a carnival has come to Greendale and not just any old one, but Professor Carcosa’s Traveling Carnival and Phantasmagoria! Everyone in town is eager to attend the opening night without a worry in the world as to why it is even there in the first place. Nothing is ever as it seems in Greendale, and you would think that by now the satanic witches of the Church of Night (the Spellman’s coven) would be wary of such things. I dislike naivety for the story’s sake, even in television where it can be expected.

As Sabrina tries to bring some normalcy back into Nick’s life, she is rudely interrupted by her duties as Queen of Hell. She doesn’t entirely have the throne as it has come to be contested by demon prince of Hell, Caliban, who, looks like a teenage Thor. The court of Hell has decided on a way for the two blondes to compete for the crown. It will be difficult, but that’s not a problem for Sabrina, as she drops much of the legwork into someone else’s lap, so she can hang out with Nick. I shouldn’t be shocked. As I said last time, Sabrina is so reckless it’s infuriating. It’s like she wants all of the power, but none of the responsibility. “Heavy Is the Crown” is actually a bit of a drag of an episode, but by the end of it the season’s story arc really steps into Act Two. The next episode should certainly be full of ascending action and all will be affected by it.

Caliban, demon Prince of Hell

This episode is written by series Supervising Producer Oanh Ly, who has a background of writing and producing for several other television series since 2013. Ly does not have a difficult task here as the previous two episode's writers did most of the heavy lifting to bring the story to where it is. It was also directed by Rob Seidenglanz, and he has directed 4 episodes of Riverdale to date. It seems Seidenglanz was an Editor for many years, but as of 2014 has decided to make a change and develop a career as a Director. This is always great because the editor is the one who winds up creating the story out of the shot footage, so to go into directing with that experience really helps. I also like that Seidenglanz was selected to direct this episode, as there is a scene that takes place in Riverdale, the murder capital of the world. There’s even discussion of a past member of the Blossom family, which is a nice Easter egg.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 3 is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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