Savage #1 is a fish out of water tale mixed with Jurassic Park. ADVANCE REVIEW

Writer: Max Bemis, Illustrator: Nathan Stockman, Colourist: Triona Farrell, Letters: Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou.

Kevin Sauvage Jr is son to a famous footballer Kevin Sauvage and Supermodel Veronica Sauvage. Their plane crashed on a mysterious island, populated by dinosaurs. Kevin Sr was killed while out looking for supplies one day, and Kevin Jr had to grow up learning to survive the encounters with the indigenous beasts. After his mother passed, Kevin looked for a way out and found a mysterious portal. He found himself now within a city…London.

Kevin tells his story to a teen magazine, while his brother Henry watches over him. He tells Kevin that in order to be accepted as the social royalty he is, there are things he needs to do, one of which is to shower. Henry has deemed himself as Kevin’s life coach and brand manager, to help him settle back into life within the city. Kevin may be back in the city, but it seems that he pines for “home.” It doesn’t take long for the beasts of his homeland to find their way to London.

As I’ve stated In past reviews, I am actually quite new to the Valiant Comics universe. When I heard about this title and premise, I was very curious about it. Young teen growing up in a savage land has to adapt, as he is now back to a civilised world. This in itself is a great premise. Can you change that much to be a civilised person, after having to fight for survival? How far can this premise be taken? Are we still savages within a civilised world? Will he feel more at home after realising that some people although live in a city, might be just as savage a person as he had to be when fighting for his life? These are questions I would be asking if I were him, and I’m curious to know if the creative team and Max Bemis in particular will dive into philosophical questions like that.

Overall the writing is good. There’s not much more I can say; this is a character who has only been around for 5 years and this is the first book that I’ve read. I’m interested to see what the team will do with the character. About her aspect which was hinted at, can be seen in the panel above. Henry tells Kevin people are fawning over him as they walk past a billboard with his face on it. Kevin is everywhere, and in a age of social media, this is even more predominant. So I’m curious to know how much social media will play a part in trying to bring down the character and “exposing him”.

I don’t know if it’s a conscious choice by the colourist Triona Farrell, but there seems to be more colour when seeing Kevin’s time on the island or when the monsters are around. This I find interesting. Is this supposed to be a visual reference to how he feels, that city life is bland and life on the island was much more intense and contrasting? I’ll be keeping a look-out for this, as that kind of attention to detail really brings the audience into the book on a more subconscious level. The same could be said about Nathan Stockman’s art; there seems to be more of a dynamic with the creatures than that of the people. I just felt it was more obvious with the colours. Although both creators are using the craft well, if that is their goal.

Overall I found Savage issue 1 a fun book. Despite not having had any interaction with the character before, I never felt like I was lacking information or any back story. So this seems like a great jumping on point for anyone new.

Savage #1 will be released on 17th February from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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