Scout Comics Announces New Series VOLUME For 2021 Debut!


“ Peace is quiet. Noise is rebellion ”

VOLUME is a four issue tale of teenage rebellion and superpowered punks. It’s a fun action romp that blends Riot Grrl attitude with dystopian sci-fi, all sent hurtling straight toward you in a furious blur of music and color.

Creative Team:

Writer and co-creator Christof Bogacs Artist and co-creator Skylar Patridge Editor and co-creator Nadia Shammas


In the messed-up world of tomorrow a populist dictatorship - known simply as THE REGIME - have made music illegal, preaching a perverted version of law and order called ‘PEACE IS QUIET’. Standing up to this onerous silence is ESSA, a teenager sick of living in the bland and colorless world the Regime has created. She’s 16, fed-up, and her only weapon is one killer rock song. See, when ESSA listens to her favorite track - a bellowing punk anthem called GARBAGE HEART - she doesn’t just feel invincible, SHE IS INVINCIBLE , imbued with superhuman strength and durability from listening to the song. What follows is a chaotic mess of color, punk music, and robot punching...needless to say, it’s going to get noisy.


Writer and co-creator Christof Bogacs says, "VOLUME has been rattling around in my head for a while now. This is me venting all my pent-up teenage rage in an immature display of punching, explosions and song lyrics. The best part is I get to pull Skye and Nadia into the fray with me ... and now Scout as well! As a fan of books like Long Lost and Heavenly Blues, I couldn't be more excited to be working with Scout to bring this punk-drenched power-fantasy to life."

Artist and co-creator Skylar Patridge added, "Volume is a really special story, not only in its message but also in its execution. We wanted to create a world devoid of color, stifled by the confines of conformity -- then smash it with color and punk music. It’s a story of youth, identity and reluctant rebellion in the face of authoritarianism."

Editor and co-creator Nadia Shammas concluded, "VOLUME is a story that encapsulates the way teen girls are silenced and undervalued, and the way their voices are louder than ever."

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