SCOUTing out "Midnight Sky #1" the epic new sci-fi comic

Hey all,

While there may not have been as many books that popped this week similar to last week, you most likely missed this one as it flew under most people's radars!

Following the epic preview in Midnight Sky #0 during 2019's Free Comic Book Day,

Scout Comic's Midnight Sky #1 is sure to be a sleeper hit, as it kicks off a brand new tale by writer James Pruett and artist Scott Van Domelen.

"Midnight Sky #1" Cover A

Midnight Sky #1 sets the groundwork for what is sure to be a classic tale. In short, we have a family story, besieged by parasitic aliens and environmental disaster. And it all takes place in Florida, which kind of makes sense, given Florida's... reputation as a place for some whacky shenanigans to go down.

With captivating artwork, and an easy to follow story with depth to it, Midnight Sky is one to follow in the coming months, especially with the plethora of Scout titles that are currently being optioned by production companies.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, be sure to add it to your pull list, and be sure to snag the first issue, either through your Local Comic Shop, or directly from the Scout website itself (they've got a nifty exclusive cover there too!)

"Midnight Sky #1" Variant Cover

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