Sean Forney: A deeper look in Scarlet Huntress Adventures

Kickstarter campaigns are a great way to raise funds for any creative project. Sean Forney has recently just launched his Kickstarter for the newest addition to the Scarlet Huntress series, Scarlet Huntress Adventures. Sean and Stephanie Forney created and self-published Scarlet Huntress over fifteen years ago, and the Scarlet Huntress Adventures will be the fourth book in their series.

Sean Forney is a sixteen year professional illustrator/comic book artist that has worked with Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Upper Deck, and Zenoscope. I had the opportunity of speaking with Sean for a little bit this week.

CH: When did you first decide that you wanted to create your own comics as a career?

SF: I was in junior high when I decided I wanted to be a comic book artist. I pursued working in comics soon after reading an article in Wizard Magazine about how to break into the industry. I had some ideas of making my own comics in high school, but I was given an opportunity to do so after college. In 2003 I was asked by a small press publisher if I would like to submit a short story to their anthology comic, Portal.

CH: Where did the Scarlet Huntress idea come from?

SF: Scarlet Huntress came out of a brainstorming session that Steph (my wife) and I had after I was asked about the anthology. We tossed around a few ideas, had some late night phone calls, and finally settled on a story surrounding the folklore of Little Red Riding Hood and werewolves.

CH: Can you tell us about your new Kickstarter campaign for Scarlet Huntress Adventures?

SF: The new Kickstarter book is called Scarlet Huntress Adventures. It is a collection of 3 short stories.

· Scarlet vs. the Gremlins - Scarlet is alerted to werewolf trouble at an Air Force base but ends up tangling with a new adversary, gremlins. She must find a way to rid the base of these Cryptids quietly before the military finds out she’s there!

· Scarlet Goes to Comic-Con - Continues the story featuring the artwork on display at the Greater Columbus Convention Center as part of the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority collection. In the story Scarlet investigates rumblings of a werewolf sighting and adventure ensues when she arrives and finds a huge surprise!

· The Secret Amulet - After Scarlet tracked down the mansion where her mother's suspected killer was supposed to be hiding only to find a note and a dagger, Scarlet is now looking for clues to the dagger's origin. Hoping to find some answers leading to her mother's killer again, she seeks help from Grams' old friend but stumbles upon a theft ring, werewolves, an amulet, and more questions than answers!

We have Marat Mychaels, Darryl Banks, Carla Wyzgala aka Carlations providing exclusive variant covers. Nate Lovett, Chad Heinrich, Jamie Snell, Jay Fife, and J. Lynn Warner providing art for prints, bookmarks, and other fun stuff.

CH: What is the process like when you are creating your own series?

SF: Steph and I will usually toss around some ideas, typically on the ride home from a convention. Then one or both of us will do some sketches and write some notes. Steph will make that into a script and then I start drawing, inking, and coloring based on that. We continually build off of the ideas that are in the series with each issue.

CH: Who has had the biggest influence on your comic career, and how has their influence changed your work?

SF: I have a number of influences on my art; Jim Lee, Michael Turner, Greg Capullo, Brett Booth, Joe Madureira, and J. Scott Campbell. When I was a kid I would try to recreate drawings by these artists and try to figure out how they made art the way that they did.

I do a lot of coloring work which has been inspired by artists like Alex Sinclair, Thomas Mason, Edgar Delgado, and Liquid Color.

There are also some great artist that I have had the pleasure of working with that have helped me grow as an artist and helped shape my career. Marat Mychaels and the late Josh Medors have been major influences on working in the industry.

They have all shaped my artistic style over the years and it continues to evolve.

CH: What aspect from all the jobs you do in creating comics, gives you the most personal satisfaction?

SF: Either drawing or coloring and then seeing or hearing the reaction of a fan, fellow creator, or client in response to a completed piece is usually best part of the job.

CH: You have worked for other publishing companies throughout the years, how has working with mainstream publishers helped you in creating your own series?

SF: I have learned a lot from the fellow creators that I have worked with who also produce their own series. Things like self-promotion and promoting the project have been a huge help. I have picked up some of the smaller stuff like creating exclusives or variants along with all the regular covers and art, which helps extend the reach of a small publisher series.

CH: With the success of getting your Kickstarter campaign for the Scarlet Huntress Adventures fully funded already, are there any more plans for her in the future?

SF: We are trying to reach some stretch goals to add some prints, bookmarks, and other items to the packages right now. If we reach enough of these stretch goals, this should help us afford to make some more issues much sooner. We have stories planned for an upcoming issue and hope to bring it to fruition soon.

CH: What has been the most important “big idea” that you have learned in life- in or out comics- and how has it impacted your life?

SF: In comics, it’s a small industry and everyone knows everyone. Many people that we have met over the years have become family. I feel extremely lucky to be doing what I love and to call so many people in the industry friends/family. It's important to be respectful, friendly, and remain the good guy no matter what.

I would just like to say thank to Sean Forney for taking the time and answer a few questions for us. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter link below and get some of the great covers that they have available for Scarlet Huntress Adventures. You can also an amazing commission from Sean through his website.

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