Some emotional and unexpected goodbyes on Flash S6E16: "So Long and Goodnight"

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

After a month with no new episodes, The Flash returned this week, with an ominous opening scene: the CEO of McCullough Tech putting a hit on Captain West. He gives the task to an offscreen assassin, with the intent to surprise us later. No spoilers here, I will leave you in suspense. The “Kill Captain West” storyline comes out of nowhere and feels forced, and seems to be all about getting actor Jesse Martin off the show for a while.

Some cool "bullet time" effects lead to an unfortunate injury the Flash wasn't fast enough to stop.

The season-long slow burn to the debut of the tv version of The Flash’s comic book Rogue’s Gallery villain the Mirror Master, continues. Mirror Master-to-be Eva is still trapped behind the giant mirror at McCullough Tech, along with Iris, who still has no clue to Eva’s real motives. Meanwhile, Eva’s creation, Fractal Iris, is still making Barry’s life miserable, leading up to a very heartbreaking relationship decision. Fractal Iris isn’t the only spy Eva has placed in the real world...this week it is revealed she has yet another.

Ralph returns with his recurring "Sue" subplot; he is still trying to stop her from continuing her stealing spree. He even manages to enlist Cisco’s help, who admits he hasn’t been there enough as a friend to Ralph. When the duo finally do meet and confront Sue, Cisco gets uncharacteristically goofy and fanboyish about Sue’s skills. It’s comic relief, but still…

Will the show follow the comics, and have Ralph and Sue become a married couple? I sure hope so. Ralph deserves it, and their onscreen chemistry is fun to watch. That possibility takes a giant step forward in this episode.

The quest to create a new Speed Force continues, before Barry’s residual energy is spent. He has to be increasingly careful how and when he uses his remaining speed, which is fading fast, and the people he loves are getting hurt because he is losing his ability to protect them.

Fractal Iris continues to punish Barry and push him away.

As the episode title suggests, there are some painful goodbyes. Every character suffers in some way…I felt sorry for all of them. Hopefully next episode will be more upbeat.

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