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Spelunking, for fun and profit. In Locke & Key S1E6.

Locke & Key episode 6. All episodes available now, on Netfix.

Locke & Key is based on a graphic novel by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez.

Things were going really well, for the Lockes. They had friends, they had significant others, they had purpose. Note the use of past tense, in that sentence.

Every so often, there will be an episode of a show, where you just want to slap some sense into everyone on screen.

The opening act is mostly focused on Best Locke. After the huge cliffhanger in episode 5, Nina finds herself dealing with Sheriff Generic Police Guy, who assures her he'll look into everything and really get all the evidence. If you've seen any supernatural horror show/movie before, I'm pretty sure you already know how this arc is going to end.

She also finally realises what I've been saying since day one: That Ellie is CLEARLY up to something. I guess even the best can be a little slow on the uptake, sometimes. But the question remains: Is confronting someone who you suspect is engaging in nefarious activities really the safest idea?

You don't need to be a body language expert to know she's hiding something.

Next up, we have Kinsey. Aaah, Kinsey. You really are getting better by the episode, are't you?

Sorry, not better. The other one.


You're getting STUPIDER by the episode.

Kinsey's run of making the worst possible decision in any given situation continues. Not content with telling both the other sides of her idiot's love triangle the secret of the magic keys, she decides that she just HAS to examine the dangerous sea-caves, which played such an important part of her father's dark past.

Explore some murder caves? Sure! What could go wrong...

So, she uses her magic protagonist powers to convince the Savinis that filming their no-budget student horror project in the most dangerous location in all of Matheson is a great idea. They then head off to have some nerdy movie fun, without even considering any sort of research, first.

Research like, oh I don't know, checking what time the tide is coming in...

Not content to let his sister be the only bonehead in the family, Tyler takes a moment to sit back and survey his life, since moving to Matheson. He's got a cool new lady friend. He's stopped hanging around with that tool Javi. He's doing charity work, helping set up the 5k. On the whole, life is pretty sweet.

So, naturally, he spends this episode doing everything he can, to ruin that. Because DrAmA. He sets himself firmly upon the road to ruin... a road which will bring him face to face with someone worryingly familiar.

Bode is incredibly efficient, this week. He barely has any screen time, but still manages to say something so hilarously stupid, it actually made me feel stupider, just having heard it.

However, it lead me to something of a realisation.

I can't REALLY blame Bode, for being so laser-focused on the keys. Much like all young protagonists, he's been given this power and it's blinded him to the rest of his world. He sees the Evil Echo coming after him, he knows she's after the keys, so that's all he can think about. So, once he realises that she has to be given the keys, and can't just take them, he feels safe.

He doesn't see just how vulnerable he really is. He feels protected by the rules of the game he's playing. He doesn't realise that Echo is playing her own game. A game with very different rules, that Bode is too young to understand.

And I have a feeling, that Bode's blindspot is going to cause him a lot of pain, in the episodes to come.

Because an old friend is coming to visit the Lockes!

Overall episode 6 was decent, if a little infuriating, at times. Nina continues to be a strong character, and as her investigation begins to unfold, and we're drawn further into the mystery, I just get more invested in what she's going to find out.

And while the Locke Siblings were all vaguely annoying this week, they played it well. You end up feeling like a vaguely disappointed older sibling. Seeing them stumble from mistake to mistake, you get annoyed, but you can't bring yourself to hate them. Well, maybe you can hate them a LITTLE bit. They are being exceedingly stupid.

Fingers crossed they learn from their mistakes, and start to get their acts together next episode. See you then!

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