Stargirl's cosmic staff in the very Art Deco Retro Cover Of The Week: Starman #33 from 1997

Starman #33, 1997, DC Comics, Cover by Tony Harris.

The POP Retro Cover Of The Week continues its examination and celebration of iconic comic covers from the 1970s through the 2000s, this week returning to the Nineties, a decade when many heroes switched to black leather instead of a colorful costume. One of these heroes was the son of a Golden Age legend, who literally picked up his father’s legacy and flew with it.

When his brother David is killed in action, Jack Knight inherits the gravity rod, one of several handheld weapons created by their father Ted, the original Starman. But rather than donning his father’s bright crimson suit, he prefers the leather jacket and goggles that better fit his lifestyle and fashion sense. He finds other of his father’s weapons in different configurations, and is drawn to the cosmic staff, the very same Tony Harris design which can currently be seen on the new Stargirl tv series.

Tony Harris was the cover and interior artist for the majority of Starman’s 82 issue run, and used many different mixed media illustration techniques on his covers. For #33, it’s a combination of airbrush, paintbrush, and colored pencils. As seen here, Harris often used a geometric motif as a background, playing off of the Art Deco feel that the comic title logo already communicates (along with the history of the original character).

For this issue’s team-up with Batman, Harris designed a very Batman-Superman mash-up logo, long before such a thing existed elsewhere.

Picking just one Harris Starman cover for the POP Retro Cover Of The Week was difficult, so be assured you can expect to see more when the Nineties roll around again!

Next week: A cover from the 2000s!

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