Stargirl S2 E9 & 10 TV REVIEW: Eclipso attacks Stargirl's family from within

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

In a flashback, explorer Bruce Gordon gives in to Eclipso's control

For days or even weeks now a storm has been percolating above Blue Valley. The fall weather in the middle of the summer doesn’t appear to have raised much suspicion amongst the residents. However, the JSA and friends know what the root cause is: Eclipso’s increasing power. Episode 9 brings the storm to a severe level that makes businesses close and people rush home in the middle of a weekday. As the Whitmore-Dugan family prepares to hunker down in their home in preparation of the storm, Eclipso finds this to be the perfect time to attack their guilty consciences one at a time.

Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan

Luke Wilson has had a year-plus to get comfortable in the role of Pat Dugan. Wilson is a well-known film actor whose career began as a Wes Anderson-films-guy in Bottle Rocket. I’m particular fond of his roles in Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums. With a lengthy filmography and some television work to his name, it was Wilson who I believed would carry the brunt of the heavy lifting in Stargirl when it came to big acting moments. This couldn’t be further from what we have seen in Pat Dugan, all around friendly townie who comes off mildly dopey to those who don’t know him. His interests are retro cars, ignoring his son Mike, and working for the JSA. With his facial expressions strictly being smiling, concerned, and angry, the role of Pat Dugan must be the easiest payday for Luke Wilson. (Interesting fact: during the filing of Stargirl: Summer School, he was living with his famous brother Owen Wilson, who was filming Loki.) I can’t be the only one just waiting for something truly exciting or interesting to come from Pat, because this wholesome good guy schtick is getting old. Hopefully Eclipso will awaken something within him before the season ends.

Brec Bassinger as Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore

Episode 10 opens with the immediate shocking aftermath from the previous episode. Things have now changed for the JSA and Eclipso is becoming more dangerous as the minutes pass. Courtney is back to her old ways of wanting to take matters into her own hands, and Beth is very supportive of her ideas. Meanwhile, Pat and Barbara have to figure out how to handle this recent turn of events as far as their family dynamic is concerned. Waiting in the wings is The Shade, whom we have seen sparingly after his fantastic entrance yet grave battle with Eclipso in Episode 6. The Shade is somehow still around, and has a continued connection to Barbara that largely entails an unreciprocated flirtation of sorts. He is supposed to be a villain, but compared to Eclipso, The Shade just doesn’t come across as being that horrible, apathetic, or villainous. If The Shade manages to survive somehow, I’d like to see more on his origin story in this world, as that will help provide more insight into how much trust he can be given. He seemed to care about the JSA kids in the first half of the season. Does he feel the same now with Eclipso on the loose?

Jonathan Cake as The Shade

Unfortunately, there is no way to discuss Episode 10 further without spoilers, so be sure to catch these episodes if you have not done so already. We are nearing the end, with only three episodes left in the season! So many questions remain unanswered. Where has Jennie, the new Green Lantern been? Is Starman going to make it to Blue Valley in time? Will Yolanda decide to don the Wildcat cowl once again, in the looming battle with Eclipso? Where is the real Dr. Mid-Nite? We can only wait and see if the answers for these questions and more will be given to us before the final episode. On a happier note, Season 3 of Stargirl started filming a week or so ago. Very exciting to know that there will be more to come in Summer or Fall 2022. Hopefully Geoff Johns continues with his horror genre influence in the series, because it has definitely added depth to the story overall.

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