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Stargirl S2E2 REVIEW: New villains flex their prowess, a new hero begins training

Courtney is surprised to have a welcome friend in summer school

This week’s episode is an introduction to not only a possible new member to the JSA, but also one to an old member of the ISA. The Shade returns to Blue Valley to make a request of certain magical items that were left in the charge of the American Dream office. Meanwhile, Courtney’s family spends the day getting to know Jennie, who reveals her father is Alan Scott. We also get a glimpse into Jennie’s life in the very recent past and it runs parallel to her comic book counterpart. Pat decides to take Jennie to his shop to help her learn how to use the Green Lantern itself, while Courtney has to go on to start her first day of summer school.

Jennie begins Ring & Lantern training with Pat

Not before long, the rest of the JSA meet Jennie. Unfortunately, Courtney remains suspicious of the new girl, much to the chagrin of everyone around her. Truthfully, this is very expected of Courtney’s character. After all, Jennie is an actual legacy of a superhero, and this seems to spark jealousy and envy within Courtney, who had believed herself to be Starman's daughter. There are further revelations about Jennie’s past and her plans for the future. The new Green Lantern is sure to impress any waning viewers of the series. She is an explosive character in more ways than one.

Pat Duggan meets Richard Swift, who he knows as The Shade, just arrived in Blue Valley.

The darkness that Courtney spent the past several months searching for now looms in the underbelly of Blue Valley. With The Shade nosing around, as well as Cindy Burman committing crimes while possessed by Eclipso, there is no telling what exactly their plans are, save to say that destroying the JSA is definitely at the top of their list. This episode is light on the action, but Geoff Johns is being careful to focus more on story and character development this season rather than impressing us with just action and new abilities. Well, it seems to be working because there is definitely a greater feeling of caring for all of the characters of Blue Valley, even ones you may not have expected to feel for. The trailer for next week’s episode ruins what could have been a fantastic surprise, although some of you may have already expected it. Still, the story here is moving right along at a great pace. Here’s to bigger stories and bigger drama in the episodes to come.


House of Secrets #61 - First appearance of Eclipso

Starman Vol. 2 - Recent appearance of The Shade

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