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"Stargirl" Season One has a solid finale to set up Season Two

Stargirl leads the way alongside Wildcat, S.T.R.I.P.E., Shining Knight, and Hourman

The season finale of Stargirl has come and gone and I have opinions. To recap, Barbara has come to terms, for the most part, with Courtney being Stargirl and is now helping the Justice Society of America in its plan to stop the Injustice Society from following through with its plan to control the minds of millions with its manifesto. Not that the manifesto is wrong, in fact, Courtney and her peers wonder if they’re on the wrong side for a brief moment. The problem is that the ISA will risk the lives of several million people who fight against the mind control, as fighting would kill them. Another nice change is that young Mike Dugan finally knows what is going on and wants to help in any way he can. This is truly great as this character has been wasted away for the most part, pushed into a “who cares” storyline of having a morning paper route.

Wildcat, Beth, and Stargirl at The American Dream

At the end of “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One,” the JSA are too late to stop Dr. Ito as he turns on the Cerebro-like machine of Marvel's X-Men, allowing Brainwave to take over millions of minds, including Pat Dugan’s, as he stands with Stargirl in the ISA tunnels. Brainwave attempts to use Pat/S.T.R.I.P.E. to kill Stargirl, but you would already know from the promos for the finale that this does not work. Reunited in the tunnels, the JSA go head to head with the Injustice Society in a major fight. Adrenaline must really be pumping through Wildcat and Hourman as they are on fire with their fighting ability and wit.

Stargirl and Wildcat in the ISA headquarters

Wildcat really steps up in this episode by showing her true prowess when donning the cat cowl, powered costume, and claws. Her grief over Henry Jr.’s death has given her growth. As quickly as it may have happened, Yolanda had a history with Henry which she simultaneously cherished and hated. When he died to save her, Courtney, Beth, and Rick, she realized he truly had changed and was genuinely sorry for the harm and pain he caused her. This not only gave Yolanda purpose, but more depth as a character as well. I still have a question. Do her parents just completely ignore her existence to the point where she gets to go away for almost an entire day?

Hourman on the edge of his hour

There is also growth in Rick/Hourman as he comes to terms, in a way, with his past. I look forward to seeing a new side of Rick other than the broody, delinquent, orphaned teen as he was originally presented. Beth has made waves of changes over the span of a season. Who can forget the way she was a helicopter child for her own parents? Dr. Mid-Nite doesn’t necessarily escape this showdown unscathed. I look forward to seeing how she can come back from this disaster in the next season.

Mike Dugan and Max, the adorable English Bulldog

Overall, this is a great episode for Stargirl, but I still keep “Brainwave Jr.” as the number one episode for the entire season. You can tell by the way “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two” ends, that series creator Geoff Johns wasn’t very confident or certain in a second season getting the greenlight by Warner Bros. There are multiple ends similar to an Avengers movie, only they’re not as good. Still, Johns left enough cliffhangers and Easter eggs for the audience to get psyched for the second season, just in case. With these surprises, I can’t wait hear when season two will begin filming, to get an idea when it will hit our television screens. Just a reminder, it will not be airing on the DC Universe app, whose shows will transition over to HBO Max if they haven’t already. Stargirl will remain on The CW.

New episodes of Stargirl air Sunday nights at 12a.m. EDT on DC Universe and Tuesdays at 8p.m. EDT on The CW. Episodes can also be seen on in the U.S. shortly after it airs on the channel.

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