Superman & Lois S2E12 REVIEW: baffling behavior, a brother reforms(?), and a villain evolves

We had to wait weeks to find out what Lana's reaction would be to last episode's final scene where Clark reveals his true identity to her. And even with those weeks to imagine what her response would be, I don't think there was a single viewer or longtime reader of Superman comics who could have predicted how complex, weird, and completely baffling Lana's reactions were in this episode, "Lies That Bind".

The writers of Superman & Lois understandably decided to make this episode very Lana-centric, as she deals with Clark's major revelation. And, as the writers often do on this series, they throw us a curveball with Lana's (and this show's) obsession with how knowing this secret now means she has to "lie" to everyone around her, just like she immediately reacts to how Lois and Clark have been "lying" to her. It's the same unexpected overreaction that Jon and Jordan had when their father revealed his secret to them. Yes, there must certainly be some feelings of betrayal and at the long omission of truth in such a situation—no matter how noble or caring the reasoning is—but I just can't believe it would be THE focus. It was frustrating to watch, and seemed out of character for this Lana, as well as every other version we have seen in other mediums. One very nice aspect, though, was being able to see Lana replaying memories in her mind of her and Clark growing up, and how he prevented them both from being seriously injured in their teens. The show could have just had her talk about it, but they took the time, effort, and money to stage and film all these memories for us to actually see.

Full force heat vision was awesome to see and impressive SFX

In the Superman storyline, the destruction of the amulet was the mission, and it seems multiple heads needed to come together to make a plan to destroy it, since Superman doesn't have the firepower to do it alone. Yes, it was more interesting how they went about it in the episode, but chucking the damn amulet into the sun would have taken care of the problem much easier. Superman's half-brother Tal-Rho seems to have had a revelation of his own and wants to make amends and help. It remains to be seen whether he can be trusted long-term, but he seems sincere.

Tal-Rho brings Lois's favorite flowers (peonies) as Atonement Step #1

Superman tries unsuccessfully to get intel and help from inverse Jon.

The now-combined, self-proclaimed god Ally Allston of course appears to try to prevent the amulet's destruction, and provides the episode's impressive super-powered action sequences. Ally now displays the ability to siphon energy/powers from super-beings, and even though we have seen evil "inverse" Jon do this by being in physical contact with his doppelganger and Jordan, it still will no doubt fan the internet rumours that Ally has finally followed the path of her similarly named comic book counterpart and become the CW-verse's version of the energy-sucking Parasite, even though Ally is able to drain energy without actually touching someone. I have my doubts, but it would be cool if she turns out to be something other than what she seems, and it would fit in with this series' penchant for curveballs.

Ally can drain energy from other beings from a distance or through transparent prison walls

Meanwhile, Natalie has a major surprise for Jon and Jordan, one that is a direct reference to her comic book history, and one that leads them on a dangerous quest that could have serious future repercussions.

Only a few episodes remain before the June 28 season finale. Don't miss the BEST SUPERHERO SHOW YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING, Superman & Lois, airing Tuesdays on The CW, and streaming the next day on

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