Superman & Lois S2E13 REVIEW: more bizarre behavior & some super-training in a very draining episode

This week’s episode title “All is Lost” doesn’t seem to give much hope for Superman & Lois. The show that started season one as an uplifting ray of hope has been in an ever-dwindling supply ever since. Such is the way of theater, I do realize, that you must put your heroes through trials to create drama and character growth. But even with multiple COVID-related production delays between chunks of episodes this season, it has been emotionally draining to watch these characters being given only a few moments between crises to catch their breath and enjoy the victories.

It’s been especially disheartening to see certain characters act out of character or written to extremes for dramatic effect. Yes, I’m talking about Lucy and Lana. Mostly Lana. The Lane family was dysfunctional enough that we can perhaps understand why Lucy felt abandoned by her mother and unloved by and angry at Lois, emotionally vulnerable enough to fall for the comforting words of cult leader Ally Allston. But Lana continues to be completely off the rails. However, in this newest episode, she has a bit of self-reflection and seems to be questioning her weird decision-making of late. And maybe even Lucy turns a corner and sees the foolishness of her poor decisions.

You'd think Superman would know better than to get close to Ally by now...

Speaking of Ally, despite the amulet being destroyed, presumably along with her ability to merge two beings into a complete “whole”, she seems to think there is another way to accomplish that feat. It has everything to do with her ability to absorb the life energy of others, and her super-thirst for the energy of super-powered beings. She is called an “energy vampire” and even a “parasite” in this episode, seemingly confirming the popular theory that she is indeed the longtime Superman villain, the Parasite. When we find out how she intends to use the super-energy she steals, it is chilling and potentially apocalyptic.

However, there are some rays of positivity and hope in this episode. John Henry’s relationship with Natalie survives his discovery of her secret workshop project, and perhaps he is finally willing to be less of a helicopter Daddy and let Nat fulfill her comic book destiny.

Clark and Jordan bond over some enthusiastic super-training in the Arctic, accompanied by some truly beautiful, breathtaking CGI scenery and effects.

And, the Cushings seem to be making tentative steps back toward being a whole family again. So, perhaps all is NOT lost…yet.

Edward Hopper homage, anyone?

Unfortunately, we will have to wait 2 weeks to see how this episode’s dramatic cliffhanger is resolved, as another COVID-caused hiatus looms after this episode, with the next airing on June 21. The season finale will air the following week on June 28.

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