Superman & Lois S2E14 REVIEW: Superman is powerless to stop the apocalypse. Where are the CW heroes?

Updated: Jun 28

Superman recovers and discovers that every bit of solar energy has been robbed from his body’s cells by Ally Allston (now acknowledged to be the CWverse’s version of the comic book villain The Parasite), and he will now be powerless—for who knows how long—to stop her from using the power she has stolen to merge Earth and Bizarro-Earth and destroying/recreating everything.


“Worlds War Bizarre” begins with a very clever audible detail. The first scene is Superman lying in a hospital bed. We hear a heart monitor in the background. The camera pans so that we can see the heartbeat on the screen. The heartbeat doesn’t sound quite like a normal one. The Superman & Lois team has taken the time and effort to create and add a peculiar heartbeat to remind us that Clark/Kal-El is not an Earth human, but a Kryptonian one. It’s the thought and attention to little details like this that endear this show even more to fans like me.

This week’s episode reminded me a lot of the comic book storylines after DC Comics’ “Death Of Superman” event in the 1990s, when other heroes rose to take his place. Then, John Henry (Steel) Irons tried to fill Superman’s shoes, along with other would-be Supermen. However, on Superman & Lois, other than John Henry, his daughter, and Jonathan, no other of Earth’s heroes appear, with the fate of the world being in the balance. Despite it being made clear that all the CWverse’s heroes all now exist on the same Earth, after the collapse of the Multiverse in the Crisis crossover a few seasons ago. It’s a huge WTF moment and plot hole that, rumor has it, will be addressed in the finale.

There is a long-winded debate Mayor Lana has with her estranged husband and others whether it is right to let the citizens of Smallville (and the world) know what is really happening, that the world may be ending. Lana’s town hall meeting doesn’t go well, and echoes real world events, when one half of the people just don’t want to hear or accept the truth. Even when the skies turn red, and a second, square-ish sun appears in the sky, convincing an agitated and stubborn public won’t be easy. This looks like a job for…you-know-who.

Even though Superman is recuperating and beating himself up for not being able to do more to help, there is still plenty of action in this episode. Someone has to try to stop Ally from merging the worlds, and someone has to stop her super-powered acolytes Lana Rho and Jon El, who are still trying to create havoc and merge with their doubles. With the mysterious absence of the rest of the CWverse heroes—Supergirl, Black Lightning, The Flash, The Legends, et al—it'll be up to Jordan and the Irons family.

The evolution of Jordan’s mastery of his powers grows by a leap, as he learns how to maximize his abilities when needed. When his emotions run high, look out, this kid is hard to stop. It’s a spectacular action sequence with quick-thinking moments by Jordan that will get every fan whooping. Immediately prior to this epic battle, Jordan has a major personal moment with Sarah that will have equally major future repercussions.

This is all leading up to what should be a very intense and exciting season finale next week. Will Superman recover his powers in time to help defeat Ally? To find out, don’t miss the latest episode of Superman & Lois, the BEST HERO SHOW YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING, airing Tuesdays on the CW, and streaming the next day on

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