Superman & Lois S2E15 REVIEW: A satisfying and epic season finale, despite major disappointments

This second season of Superman & Lois may not have been able to air in a consistent schedule because of multiple COVID-related delays, but the quality of the concepts and writing has been consistent. Until the much-anticipated season finale.

There are few people in the world that are bigger Superman fans than this writer, or want to see Superman & Lois succeed more. I have praised the creative team of this show for two seasons now, and always proclaimed this is THE SUPERHERO SHOW YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING. I have grown to expect greatness from this show. I am sorry to say that my single word review of the finale “Waiting For Superman” is: Disappointing.

It wasn’t just one thing I was disappointed about, but the biggest was the show producer’s promised “resolution” to the question that many —including me—have been asking since Superman & Lois began: why are there no crossover appearances from other CW heroes? Why hasn’t Superman called on The Flash or his cousin Supergirl to help with this impending apocalypse?

It was made very clear after the CW’s Crisis crossover event a few seasons ago, that all the CW heroes (including Superman & Lois) now exist on the last, remaining Earth in the multiverse. It was even teased before Superman & Lois even aired its first episode that John Diggle (from Arrow) would be a regular on the show (Diggle’s long-teased, green, glowing story arc ended last week in the first major disappointment).

Sorry, but he's not the green, glowing John Diggle we were hoping for.

So it was extremely frustrating to hear Gen. Lane say that Superman is the only superhero on the planet, completely contrary to what we learned from the Crisis event. The producers now claim that Superman & Lois takes place on a different Earth, yet still references the Crisis/Multiverse events (by explaining the arrival of John Henry and Natalie who escaped from another Earth’s destruction). Both cannot be true. Either there’s only one remaining Earth, or there’s not. This announcement felt like one big cop-out, just so the showrunners can keep the focus on Superman and his extended family, and avoid the fallout of the crumbling CWverse shows. I do understand that there’s more drama and suspense if viewers know that there is no Supergirl that Clark can call for super-help, but it still felt like we’ve been lied to, and now will not be able to look forward to any future crossovers. Not that there’s much left of the CWverse anyway, with all the recent cancellations.

The last hurrah for the Irons family?

Other disappointments were the extremely rushed and overly-simplified solutions to stopping Ally from merging the two worlds. 1-While we had no doubt that a completely drained Superman would somehow heal and become repowered in time to save the day, how it was done strained beyond the supposedly infinite boundary of the “suspension of disbelief” we all are supposed to have when watching science fiction and superhero shows. 2-That Tal-Rho foolishly confronted Ally by himself, despite a warning from his brother Kal-El that it… Would. Not. Work. 3-The circumstances in which Superman regained his powers, despite being powerless and as vulnerable as a normal human. 4-The method in which Superman defeats Ally may work in the comics, but here, it made no sense. 5-Even his solution to separating the worlds was overly simple and defied the laws of physics regarding a planet’s physical integrity.

The final battle, and a Hail Mary.

One Punch Man saves the day, improbably.

All these disappointments got in the way of enjoying what was still a very fulfilling, epic season finale. Disappointments aside, every storyline this season got a satisfactory or happy ending, except one. To find out which, watch this season of Superman & Lois, the BEST HERO SHOW YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING, streaming for free on

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