Superman & Lois S2E3 TV REVIEW: The Thing in the Mines is revealed!

The writers of the first few episodes of season 2 of Superman & Lois have been throwing a lot of not-so-subtle hints about who or what “The Thing in the Mines” is. They have led us to believe that whatever/whoever is trying to break out of its rocky prison—and has been causing Clark/Superman to have a debilitating seizure every time it lashes out in anger—is Superman’s foe Doomsday, who caused his famous death in the 1992 comic. This is a spoiler-free review, but if you want to know more about what the Thing is revealed to be at the end of this episode, scroll down past the end of the article…

Doomsday in his containment suit from Superman #74, 1992. Art by Dan Jurgens.

There are many sub-plots going on all at once in this episode. We have the thing in the mine (and the conspiracy by those who seem to have created it) plot, Clark’s seizures becoming uncontrollable danger to those around him, the “Please give up the iron suit” plot from John’s worried daughter, Jon’s ongoing struggles to compete with the new QB (who suddenly seems to be much stronger than he was before), the Jordan-Sarah romance drama, Lois’s reputation taking a hit a the Smallville Gazette, her sister Lucy’s involvement with a creepy cult, Lana’s rocky mayoral campaign, and of course, the ongoing existential parental issues of raising two teen sons, one which is developing powers that he desperately wants to tell his girlfriend about. Whew! See what I mean? All these subplots are touched on in this single episode, plus a few I haven’t mentioned. Yet it never feels like there’s too much going on, which is a credit to the writing, direction, and editing.

The chemistry between Clark & Lois is heartfelt, and a credit to the actors.

The overall quality of this series continues to impress and amaze me. This week I was particularly struck by all of the artistic and technically great shot selections and cinematography, each of which added visual interest as well as heightening the emotions and atmosphere of each scene. I believe that even if I weren’t a lifelong, major Superman fan, I would still be enjoying this series more than any of the other CW hero shows. But I am a Super-fan, and I am enjoying Superman & Lois as much if not more than I did Smallville.

When the Thing finally escapes the Shuster Mines, Superman’s first battle with it is brief but brutal. It becomes apparent that he is going to need help next time to defeat this deadly foe. Only another seizure, which they seem to share, ends the battle. Next week’s episode should be epic.

Does the large Thing in the containment suit look familiar?

A brief, brutal, and one-sided battle.

It’s worth saying again: catch the BEST HERO SHOW YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING, Superman & Lois, airing Tuesdays on the CW, and streaming the next day on



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Those darn writers have been throwing red herrings in our path, making us think the Thing in the Mines is Doomsday. The containment suit and the beastly grunts, the “Doomsday” dropped into casual dialogue…

But as Clark says, "it's a bizarre copy of myself."


Bizarro knew where Superman's fortress was and headed straight there.

Buckle up, Super-Fans. This will be fun. I just hope they make Bizarro's speech clearer and easier to understand; I couldn't make out a word he/it said.

In the comics, Luthor was behind the creation of Bizarro, and I bet the same will be true here. The necklace is probably some sort of control device. Stay tuned!

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