Superman & Lois S2E5 REVIEW: a ruined quinceanera, a roofie, an epic battle, & a Bizarro story

After a brief hiatus to cede the spotlight to the Winter Olympics, Superman & Lois returned this week with “Girl…You’ll Be A Woman, Soon” featuring a quinceanera, a family torn apart, a flashback explaining where the mysterious purple amulet came from and what it does, and someone getting roofied. Oh, and probably the final, epic showdown with Bizarro.

The backstory of Lana and her family being recast as Latino is completed this episode, with Sarah’s quinceanera and her announcement that she will change her last name to Cortez, the family’s former surname. The party is hosted in the Kents’ barn, and beautifully decorated. But if anyone thinks a grand celebration like this will go well, then they haven’t been watching Superman & Lois this season, where no character is allowed to stay happy for long. This time, it isn’t Smallville’s mayor throwing a monkey wrench into the family dynamic.

A beautiful celebration in the Kent barn is about to go sideways

Cult leader Ally Allston was named in the long-honored DC tradition of alliteratively initialed characters, indicating from the start that she would become a major villain this season. It’s been guessed that she is really Granny Goodness, from the Darkseid family tree. But her actual identity and status is solidified this episode, along with the explanation of what the purple amulet can do and what her connection is to it, and also Bizarro’s. An interview between Ally and Smallville Gazette reporter Chrissy Beppo goes pear-shaped when Chrissy realizes she has been slipped a roofie in her tea. What happens next is a major revelation that dovetails with Bizarro’s testimony later in the episode.

"Wear this amulet and have a nice cup of tea..."

I was glad to see that Bizarro’s origin is a new one to television viewers. He/it is not another lab creation of Lex Luthor or some other evil scientific organization, as has been established in modern comics and previous tv series, but his backstory is very similar to one from the Silver Age era where he is from a Bizarro version of Earth. It’s always a nice surprise when the writers can keep surprising a seasoned Super-Fan like me.

More movie-quality special effects

The final(?) epic battle between Bizarro and Superman again shows how much money and expertise is being thrown at the SFX in this series. They are impressive and every bit as good as what can be seen in the cinema. After Superman realizes Bizarro’s opposite-ness is the key to his defeat, he is brought to the desert Fortress, where Bizarro’s backward speech is deciphered by the Lara hologram, giving us juicy details about his mission and what his connection to Ally is. I was pleased to see that the method of Bizarro’s containment was an homage to that used on Zod during his trial in Superman II (1980).

Bizarro speaks, and we can finally understand him

I won’t even dignify the Jonathan drug storyline by talking about it, other than to say it is a forced and lazy plot, and more important, highly insulting to think a son of Clark & Lois would be so stupid.

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