Superman & Lois S2E7 REVIEW: Acts of heroism, sacrifice, & stupidity in brutal, emotional episode

“That is the way to change the worlds.” —Ally Allston, when asked what the amulet is

The title of this week’s episode “Anti-Hero” turned out to have lots of different meanings. What it means to be a hero…the difficult decisions some have to make, even if it doesn’t seem heroic at the time…or the poor decisions that supposed heroes make…or the surprising choices made by anti-heroes. The writers and guest director Elizabeth (Agents of SHIELD) Henstridge tie all of these heroic sub-plots together expertly, and very emotionally.

Several plotlines reached their conclusion: the Bizarro saga. . . the I-still-can’t-believe-they-made-Jonathan-do-drugs debacle. . . but the main storyline that came to a spectacular end (kind-of?) was the Lt. Anderson/Department of Defense vs Superman struggle.

Last episode, Anderson got a brutal dressing-down by his superior officer for not bringing in the amulet and Bizarro (no one calls him that on the show, though), warning him that if he does not do so quickly by any means necessary, he will be stripped of his duties. Anderson obviously took that warning to heart, because he makes some very big, shocking choices in order to accomplish his mission, starting with the capture of Superman at the end of the last episode.

Superman awakes in the red solar radiation cell currently occupied by his half-brother Tal-Ro. As every Superman fan knows, the type of radiation from a red giant star like Krypton’s robs a Kryptonian of their yellow sun radiation-spawned powers. Obviously, Superman won’t be able to use his powers to escape, so he’ll have to find some other way.

Jonathan’s “everyone in this family is great at something but me” excuse for taking X-Kryptonite to excel at football is pitiful, and both Lois and Clark deliver separate, masterful parenting talks to him. To his credit, Jon weeps in shame. Not many people in this world have much or any shame anymore for the poor choices they make, so it was refreshing to see the writers put this scene on the page, and good-on-ya to director Henstridge for pulling this emotional performance out of the young actor. Jon sees his choice to protect the supplier of the X-K found in his possession as a heroic act, but it also means he faces expulsion from school.

Lana shows her heroism by finding the courage to stand up to a bullying political attack by the incumbent mayor, bravely crashing an event he is hosting and calling him on his BS.

It will no shocker that Superman escapes his red prison, and he and Tal-Ro race to the desert Fortress where Bizarro is imprisoned, and we soon see the most impressive acts of heroism of all, during a spectacular and brutal free-for-all between the team of Superman/Tal-Ro/Bizarro and…Anderson.

How, you say? No further spoilers here…to find out the rest, watch the latest episode of Superman & Lois, the BEST HERO SHOW YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING, airing Tuesdays on the CW, and streaming the next day on


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