Superman & Lois S2E8 REVIEW: a portal, a showdown, and a betrayal on a very soapy episode

The mystery of the amulet, Ally Allston, and the dark, mirror dimension moves closer to its conclusion in this week’s episode, with the forewarning title “Into Oblivion”.

Fugitive Lt. Anderson has returned the amulet to Ally, who is determined to use it to fulfill her destiny by crossing over to the dark dimension and “join with her other self and become whole”. The dark dimension Ally has brainwashed her into believing such nonsense, which Ally has made the central belief of her cult, and in turn brainwashing vulnerable people like Lois’s sister, Lucy.

Clark comforts Lois when she realizes Lucy is probably dead

But the bulk of this episode is about all the different human drama sub-plots: the strained separation between Lana and Kyle, Jon continuing to suffer the consequences of protecting his drug-dealing girlfriend, the paranoia that John Henry’s daughter Natalie still has around Clark, and Sarah trying to get Jordan and her camp kiss-buddy to be friends.

We only get to see Superman once and briefly, in an impressive special effects sequence that prevents this episode from being a total soap opera. The only other action is a brief but epic showdown between Jordan (coming to his brother’s rescue) and the X-Kryptonite inhaler dealer juiced up on his own product.

A hooded Jordan comes to the rescue

As usual, at the center of this episode, is the rock-solid, heartwarming relationship between Lois & Clark. They are unshakeable, no matter how much drama is swirling around them, their comfortable chemistry grounding it all. It’s the little things that make them so believable: the loving tones of voice, the subtle caresses, the tickle fight on the sofa…it’s easy to imagine this couple has been together for many years and been through a lot that has made them so close. They are easily the best Lois & Clark we have ever seen on tv.

The portal in the mines sequence included impressive SFX.

SPOILER ALERT: the amulet opens the portal in the mines that Bizarro passed through, from the dark dimension. In protective suits, Lt. Anderson, Ally, and a handful of her converts open the portal, but if even a superpowered Bizarro needed a containment suit to survive the transition, what chance do normal humans have? Needless to say, it doesn’t go well, and only Superman’s intervention prevents them all from being killed. Was Lucy one who went into oblivion? END SPOILER

Cut to the final scene of the episode, where a surprise betrayal may give Ally one more chance to cross over.

Sam Lane gives great WTF? face

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