Superman & Lois S2E9 REVIEW: suspenseful hiatus cliffhanger focuses on Jordan's rise as a hero

This week’s episode “30 Days and 30 Nights” was about life changes, both good and bad. At the top of the Bad List, was Superman following Ally into the portal to the Inverse World, as Lois calls it. The episode spans the length in the title, with Superman MIA during that time. While everyone remains positive that he will eventually return, their lives may change drastically.

Superman's super-speed portal transition strategy doesn't seem to go well

At the top of the Good List is Lana winning the Smallville mayoral race. As a matter of fact, that’s the only thing on the Good List. The writers of this show seem to enjoy torturing its characters, since no one is allowed to remain happy for more than an episode at a time. After a season and a half, this trend is making a huge dent in the feeling of Hope we all felt during the first part of Season 1. Yes, I know conflict is necessary to create great drama, but as a very empathetic person, the constant, negative weight of life’s burdens on all these characters is wearing on me.

Since Superman goes missing for a month, it’s very curious that in all the tv news reports we see of disasters happening, we do not see any other CWverse heroes stepping up to help. Where’s Supergirl? Black Lightning? The Flash? Heck, this would have been the perfect time to FINALLY introduce John Diggle as the Green Lantern the CW has been teasing us with for years, especially since we were told Diggle would be a semi-regular on Superman & Lois. One exception was John Henry in his Steel armor saving an airliner from crashing into the city. It reminded me of the aftermath of the “Death Of Superman” comic book storyline from the 1990s, when Steel rose as one of the replacements for Superman.

Instead, the episode's focus is on Jordan, and his rapidly developing powers. Lois finally discovers her father has been training Jordan to control his powers, and right on cue, that training comes in mighty handy. In this episode alone, Jordan has two very impressive and instantly iconic action sequences, both showing him manifesting new levels of abilities that surprise him. You can feel this former emo teen’s growing confidence bursting through the tv screen.

An impressive SFX firefighting scene, and rescue by Jordan.

But Poor Natalie. The alternate-Earth daughter of a-E John Henry and a-E Lois is especially not allowed to stay happy for long. Last week, her issue was being paranoid around Clark. This week, she’s upset about her father flirting with Lana. The writers need to cut this kid a break before she has a nervous breakdown.

The episode ends with a quick cut of Clark on the ground, miraculously alive after his painful transition through the portal without a containment suit. What is he looking up at in shock? We will have to wait four, long weeks to find out, as Superman & Lois takes a hiatus.

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