Swamp Thing S1E5: Shawna strikes, a Phantom Stranger visits, a Blue Devil teases

“Susie’s not here anymore.”—Susie

Whatever is in Sunderland’s house isn’t an illusion; it’s real, tangible and doesn’t like the idea of being replaced by Susie.

Shawna doesn't like another girl sleeping in her bed.

You want creepy, eerie, OMG horror? This episode is for you.

As Swamp Thing daydreams of his former life, the strains of Roy Orbison announce the approach of a mysterious Stranger from the DC Universe. He is here to teach Swamp Thing about the Green and his connection to it. The trees have memories of everything they’ve seen, and Swamp Thing can access them, and see the danger that is coming.

A somewhat familiar Stranger pays Swamp Thing a mentor visit

Meanwhile, Daniel tests the boundaries of the curse that he cannot leave Marais until he fulfills his heroic destiny, one that somehow involves Abby Arcane. Blue flames remind him that his work isn’t yet done.

Daniel's movie costume seems to have a mind of its own.

At Delroy’s nightspot, Avery pressures Delroy to get his nosy reporter daughter to back off her investigation into Alec Holland’s death. Any closer to the truth, and Avery’s involvement will be revealed. It’s the now once an episode scene where we see what a dirty piece of work Avery is, and how much of Marais he owns and has under his thumb.

We also discover this episode that Sheriff Cable isn’t above unethical shenanigans herself, and will do anything to protect her family and the town.

The last third of the episode involves the swamp bringing violent closure to the drowning death of Shawna Sunderland for Maria Sunderland and Abby, with Susie along for the ride. Swamp Thing is there, too, to save the day.

Swamp Thing saves Maria

Is this the last we will see of Shawna’s ghost?

Will Daniel burst into blue flames and become the Blue Devil he played in the movies?

Will Dr. Woodrue catch Swamp Thing and dissect him?

To find out, tune in to Swamp Thing on The CW every Wednesday night, or stream it the next day at cwtv.com, along with past episodes.

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