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Syphon #2 COMIC REVIEW: Sylas has one HELL of a night out... and someone must pay the price

Syphon #2 Cover 1. Published by Image Comics via the Top Cow imprint.

Story by: Mohsen Ashraf, Written by: Patrick Meaney & Mohsen Ashraf, Art by: Jeff Edwards, Colours by: John Kalisz.

Syphon #2 opens with a moral quandary...a what if situation that poses a simple question: Do you do the kind thing now, if it means potentially sacrificing something far greater down the line?

We then return to the tale of young Sylas, a newly minted "Syphon," a being capable of siphoning/draining the darkness, anger, and hate out of others, and taking it into themselves. But it seems that his powers are actually far greater than he thought:

But, riding high on stolen happiness, a night out with his new Mentor leaves Sylas in a tricky position, and once more he's left with the all important question:

What is the true price of happiness... and who pays it?

Syphon #2 was not AT ALL what I was expecting, and I couldn't be happier.

After the first issue set the scene well, and ended on a fairly hefty cliffhanger, I was expecting this issue to double down on the action. Sylas finally gained some small idea as to what his new powers can do, and a new enemy had presented itself. What could you expect, except a grand showdown, and some cool action scenes?

It turns out, what you can expect is a fairly deep exploration of the morality of the Syphon's powers. Antonio shows Sylas that he's capable of draining not just the anger and hate, but also the joy and the love out of people that he passes. Of course, he conveniently forgets to mention that there is always a price, and draining too much from someone can leave them somewhat worse for wear...

Once more, Syphon has proven its noir credentials, adding layers of subtlety and nuance to its world and going down the path of series like Watchmen and The Boys, asking "Just what is the price of power?"

Spider-Man's Uncle Ben famously said "With great power, comes great responsibility".

To which I can only imagine Antonio replied: "No, friend; with great power comes endless possibilities".

Overall, Syphon #2 was a wonderful surprise. The writers are taking the series in an unexpected but refreshing direction, and once more leaving me anxious to see where this interestingly dark, without being overbearingly grim tale will take us.

If you want to question your morality, you can pick up Syphon #2 now, at all good comics retailers, and online. Enjoy!

Antonio is kind of a dick, but he's right. Self care is the greatest superpower there is.

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