Team Arrow's latest Monitor mission takes them to "Purgatory:" the island that made Oliver "Arrow"

The last scene of last episode showed Lila transporting Team Arrow and Team Arrow 2.0 to Lian Yu, the island on which Oliver was marooned, and which forged him into the Arrow. As this ep (S8E7) opens, no one is happy that Lila has seemed to be in cahoots with The Monitor, her husband John most of all.

This week’s mission involves the team creating a device that Lila says will protect them from the Crisis that is coming…why they have to do it on Lian Yu is a mystery. Perhaps it’s just a convenient way for Oliver to visit some old friends (and fight some ghosts) on the island whose name in Mandarin means purgatory.

Oliver's sixth sense and reflexes are still sharp on Lian Yu.

There are only 10 episodes in this shortened final season of Arrow, and I thought the limited time would mean each episode to be eventful, and make quick advancements to the Crisis story. However, that hasn’t been the case. Most episodes so far have featured arbitrary situations seemingly contrived to allow Oliver a Farewell Tour to say goodbye to every place he has been and every person he has encountered during the last 7 seasons.

The scenes with Oliver and his grown children have become especially repetitive, with the writers going out of their way to give them multiple opportunities for reconciliation and closure. Repetition aside, it was very a welcome change to see Mia finally grow up and stop resenting her father, and see him for the hero he has always been. It was the only significant and redeeming event in this episode...

...if you don’t count what happens to Roy...and Lila showing up at the end of the episode announcing her true mission for The Monitor…and that the Crisis has begun.

Lila's ride is here...but she'll be back for the last scene.

Don’t miss the pre-credits scene featuring another Harrison Wells from the Multiverse accepting his destiny from The Monitor (or is it someone else’s voice?)

Look for a post on POP to help you watch the entire Crisis event in order.

The final season of Arrow airs Tuesdays on The CW...only 3 episodes left.

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