Thanos' cyborg daughter gets her own comic in a knock-down-drag-out "Nebula #1".

Writer: Vita Ayala, Artist: Claire Roe, Colorist: Mike Spicer, Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham, Cover: Jen Bartel.

Nebula #1 cover art by Jen Bartel

Thanos’ adopted cyborg daughter gets her own series this week, with the release of Nebula #1.

You know how some covers totally outshine the interior story? This one does. The beautiful day glo cover by Jen Bartel features a Nebula pose familiar to fans of Avengers: Endgame. She is suspended and being assembled / disassembled, but doesn’t look in pain. On the cover of this series, Marvel is making it very clear up front that they are tying Nebula in with her appearance created for the movies.

The story is a very lightweight, very colorful outer space adventure featuring a ruthless and cruel Nebula, who except for maybe a panel or two looks nothing like Karen Gillen in the Avengers movies. Heck, she doesn’t even look female in this issue. Through the entire story, I was waiting for some explanation why this very male-looking person was calling himself Nebula., and when the Karen Gillen version was going to appear.

By “lightweight,” I mean the story is one-dimensional with a single plotline, and moves along very quickly. Literally half the issue is a fight between Nebula and a galactic enforcer who claims to be “a servant of the divine scales of the universe” and keeps things in balance. He is after controversial, universe-threatening tech that Nebula has stolen.

The art by Claire Roe is most enjoyable and unique when she is depicting the views seen from Nebula’s newly implanted eye, but the rest of the time her art style seems rushed and almost crudely drawn. The better half of the art team is colorist Mike Spicer, who adds layers of depth and sophistication that Roe’s almost cartoony art lacks.

The entire issue feels like it was intended for younger readers. We shall see if that feeling continues in successive issues. Hopefully we will discover more about how she became a cyborg.

Nebula #1 from Marvel Comics is available February 12, 2020.

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