That Texas Blood #3: The plot thickens and the killer could have been named

Written by Chris Condon, Art, colours, letters by Jacob Phillips.

This issue is labelled as “A Brother's Conscience,” picking up very shortly after the second issue finished. Joe Bob is at home talking to his wife about how his interaction with Randy went, and how sorry for him they both feel with the loss of his brother. Meanwhile, Randy gets a visit from an old acquaintance who has a lot of information for him. With some possible leads on people who could have been involved in his brothers death.

This is just another stunning piece of art. By art I don’t just mean the pencils and colours, as a whole this book doesn’t just feel like a comic book, this is truly something more. Chris Condon’s ability to play with emotions of the reader is fantastic. We can laugh one minute from some great character jokes, to then being gut punched by revelations the next. The art style by Jacob Philips is wonderful. There’s a gritty, bleakness to some of the panels that show how truly deserted characters can feel.

I feel like I could have taken any number of 4 panels that make up this page, as they all represent a similar thing but yet add to the depth of the story. Although no words are spoken in this page, and most of it is made up of similar colours, it’s by far one of the most expressive pages in the book. Perfectly delivering the true sense of Randy being lost and out of his depth.

Chris Condon’s writing throughout the series so far has been exceptional. The series is not an action heavy one, this is a slow burn that’s very intelligent. At no point have I ever felt like we get filler or do I feel that the team don’t have a goal. This feels beautifully planned out. Chris and Jacob clearly can work very well together to create this beautiful town and story. It’s very reminiscent of old classic westerns yet with the modern twist. We can see that by the way some of the buildings are drawn, they have a very classic western look, yet never feel cliché.

There is one drawback to this masterpiece. Since the first issue, we have yet to see any more of the supernatural elements. Could this be another Game Of Thrones situation, where we see the squabbles of the people but then when the time comes, they will need to work together to best a more dangerous evil? Although the story of Randy is a very compelling one, I’m yet to find out what the connection between that and the zombie is. As I said though, this feels planned out, so I’m sure the team have a definitive of when that will be, but just from a personal perspective my brain wonders where will they go with it after no references in the last two issues. That being said, it’s still probably one of the best books around currently. I’m very much looking forward to picking up the trade to see what behind the scenes things can be revealed.

That Texas Blood Issue 3 was released by Image Comics on 26th August from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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