The Agents of Atlas face magical dragons, mermaid warriors, Namor's wrath in "Atlantis Attacks #3"

Writer: Greg Pak, Artists: Ario Anindito, Robert Gill, Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg, Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino, Cover: Rock-He Kim.

During the War of the Realms, FBI agent Jimmy Woo assembled a group of (mostly Asian) heroes to create the new Agents of Atlas (AoA), to protect the Pacific. Now, a tech company CEO from the Pan-Asian city of Pan has kidnapped a magical dragon from Atlantis to power its instantaneous transport portals technology. After the AoA returned the dragon to Atlantis, the dragon went berserk, destroying much of the city. Namor is enraged, accusing Pan and Atlas of somehow controlling the dragon’s attack, and has declared war. Woo wants to subdue Namor and attack Atlantis, but the rest of the team wants nothing to do with it…

Amadeus Cho, aka the Awesome Hulk and Brawn, is the field leader of the AoA, and tries to talk sense into Namor. Namor of course doesn’t listen, and we are treated to a brief but entertaining Hulk vs Namor fight. Do the AoA have the ability to take Namor down?

Mermaids from the Sulu Sea called the Sirenas, are ancestral enemies of Atlantis, who step in to help the AoA. But it seems they have already been working behind the scenes…there also seems to be much more historical significance to the dragon than everyone knows.

Should the AoA attack Atlantis with the Sirenas, or defend Atlantis from them?

Choosing sides in war isn’t always a black-and-white decision. Pages are spent with everyone standing around considering all the gray areas, until an unexpected event on the last page interrupts…

The AoA are an interesting bunch, including an Atlantean princess (Namora), a Hulk, a Gorilla Man, a Giant-Man, a kung fu master (Shang-Chi), a spider (Silk), a fox (White Fox), and wind and water manipulators (Aero and Wave). If you’re looking for a superhero book that features a diverse lineup, written and drawn by a talented and diverse creative team, then give Agents of Atlas and Atlantis Attacks a try.

Atlantis Attacks #3 from Marvel Comics is available March 18, 2020.


First Appearance: Agents of Atlas #1 (2006)

Agents of Atlas Vol I (2006)

Agents of Atlas Vol II (2009)

Agents of Atlas Vol III (2019-present)

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