"The Amazing Spider-Man #23" is Kraven's second, unnecessary epilogue to "The Hunted"

So... I wasn't too thrilled by the conclusion of "The Hunted" storyline last issue. HOWEVER, this issue was a decent shot at redemption.

"The Amazing Spider-Man #23" Cover A by Ottley

Spencer's storytelling is told much better through Ottley's artwork. It flowed much clearer than in conjunction with Ramos's.

The big issue is probably with editorial.

Really? A Sergei Kravinoff Kraven the Hunter to replace the one that was buried literally a few pages before? Really?

"The Hunted" epilogue largely serves to set up future arcs of this current volume of ASM (The Amazing Spider-Man), and does an excellent job of tying up most of the loose ends that had been present throughout Nick Spencer's arc. The way it played out however, is another issue.

Did Rhino really just get so upset about a misunderstanding that he joined another incarnation of the Savage Six?

Are the Sewers of New York literally infested with Vermin?

I thoroughly enjoyed the return of the narrative to focusing on our mystery centipede villain, but I'm left wondering, as I have been after every arc of this volume: will we see him, or will it just be another story within him creeping in a corner?

Many fans have stuck out this volume of The Amazing Spider-Man in order to see what comes to fruition, and with the centipede dude lurking ON THE FRONT COVER, I'd hope to see him featured prominently over the next two issues, and directly behind some of the machinations in the world of ASM, rather than the very loose hinting as we've seen thus far.

Also, I hope the Chameleon wasn't just some afterthought. A villain as prominent in the history of Spider-Man doesn't deserve that.

Three Covers of The Amazing Spider-Man #23 are available, so pick your poison!

Thanks for listening to my gripes, POP followers!

Hopefully, I can deliver a much more positive spiel in two weeks!

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