The Bat and the Cat take the honeymoon that wasn't, to heal and train, in "Batman #78"

Writer: Tom King, Artist: Clay Mann, Colorist: Tomeu Morey, Letters: Clayton Cowles, Cover: Clay Mann & Tomeu Morey.

"Batman #78" cover by Clay Mann & Tomeu Morey

Tom King’s “City of Bane” storyline continues, with Part 4 exclusively featuring Bruce and Selina platonically “vacationing” in the French Riviera, healing on several different levels. This would have been the perfect honeymoon for them, if the Cat hadn’t turned tail at the altar.

They have both been doing a lot of reflecting since Selina jilted Bruce on their wedding day, and sacrificing their relationship so that Batman would live on. Then came Bane to complete the mental and physical beatdown.

The story segments switch back and forth between some pretty deep relationship conversations between Selina and the disguised Bruce, in his vintage undercover identity of “Matches” Malone— but looking every bit the part of Thomas Magnum, from the baseball cap, bushy mustache, Hawaiian shirt, and even the kayak—and the two in costume on a secluded beach, training for their revenge mission to Gotham. Serious props to Selina for climbing a cliff in her Cat-stilettos.

King’s banter for the couple sparkles with chemistry, adoringly calling each other “Bat” and “Cat”, and taking the entire issue to decide whether what she did really matters, if Bruce is really OK, and if things are settled between the two of them.

Cat doubling as physical trainer and therapist.

As beautiful and touching as Clay Mann’s art is in this semi-romantic, “will-they-or-won’t-they” issue, especially when depicting Selina’s loving stares at Bruce, it is Tomeu Morey who makes this issue truly shine, with the expert coloring of the beach environments and the romantic sunsets.

It’s enough to make two people fall in love all over again.

Will they? To find out, read Batman #78, on sale September 11, 2019.

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