The battle for Krypton's soul is a gory and fiery Doomsday in "Blood Moon"

Doomsday makes quick and very bloody work of the Rebel ground forces

First, a cautionary word about this episode. It is extremely violent and gory; there are scenes of gruesome things being done to human bodies: being shot and sliced, much blood being dramatically and graphically spilled and sprayed, and extreme close-ups of heads being stomped and pinched like grapes. Krypton hadn’t gone this far yet in its level of gore, so be prepared; it isn’t for younger viewers or those with weak stomachs.

The conflict between Zod’s Authoritarian forces and Val-El’s Rebellion is nearing its season-ending conclusion, with one major addition sure to bring matters to a much quicker end: Zod has deployed Doomsday and invasion forces to the Rebel base on the Kryptonian moon Wegthor. The creature is indestructible and shockingly brutal. Retreat and Plan B is required. But in war, plans never go as planned. Sacrifices will have to be made to defeat Doomsday.

However, Plan B has dire unforeseen consequences for Wegthor and everyone on its surface. The fate of Wegthor was foretold in DC comics history. Earlier this season the show had dragged a red herring in front of us, teasing that Jax-Ur would be the one responsible for Wegthor’s annhilation, as in the comics. It was the reason Jax-Ur was the first prisoner to be banished to the Phantom Zone. As we find out in this episode, the guilty person is someone far more noble instead.

The final charge on Zod’s invasion force by Nyssa and the rebels is beautifully designed and shot, with well-choreographed slo-mo close-ups highlighting what a badass Nyssa is in hand-to-hand combat, and with the best “blaster face” on Krypton.

The special effects are particularly outstanding: the space scenes, the destruction of Wegthor, the spacecraft…all are movie quality. Sci-Fi fans will enjoy this show, even if they aren’t Superman/Krypton fans.

Will Seg-El (Kal-El/Superman’s grandfather), his grandfather Val-El, and the Rebels defeat Zod? Will Seg and Nyssa rescue their infant son from Brainiac? To find out, don’t miss the season finale of Krypton next Wednesday on SyFy.

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