The cannibal carnival begins in Post Americana #2: ADVANCE REVIEW

Story and Art: Steve Scroce, Colours: Dave Stewart, Letters and Design: Fonografiks.

After being kidnapped by a crazy cannibal gang, Mike and Carolyn now have the opportunity to properly meet each other for the first time. As they share a wooden cell in the middle of a cannibal carnival, Mike sees that Carolyn actually has no legs or arms; she explains that her limbs have an advanced A.I. System, so they need a distraction to create time for her limbs to get to her so they can escape. Meanwhile back at the “bubble”, the President has rebels brought to him as he oversees the damage that they caused. Telling them they accomplished nothing, then executing them all while live to the American people who seem to be ignorant to everything that’s happening outside due to living in absolute luxury. Both Mike and Carolyn want to stop the President but for different reasons, however to get to that, they will need to work together to escape the cannibals.

It has been approximately 9 weeks since the release of issue 1. So I did find myself wanting to go back to read that just to prepare for this issue. It was good that I did, as I had forgotten a few things that happened leading us to where we start in issue 2. The reveal about Carolyn not having limbs I think was handled really well. It happens around a quarter the way through the issue, so you get a sense for who the characters are, then this is thrown in as a full page spread. I think this was handled well as it’s not made reference to in the first issue and even in the second; there’s no focus on it for her to feel like a victim or for the audience to feel sorry for her. She shrugs off Mike's reaction, telling him it’s not helping when he screams. It’s clear that whatever happened to her doesn’t hold her back; she still maintains to be the badass character even when waiting for her limbs to find her.

Even though that’s one small aspect where I think the writing excels, there are also other moments which have a fleeting reference, but I’m sure there will be something more obvious said in later issues. Such as, the citizens that are unaware or ignorant of the war that’s going on outside. This one single panel could be nothing but I think we will revisit this in later issues as a more concerning issue, that the people of the bubble are so content in their luxury lives that as long as nothing affects them, then they try not to care or let it affect them emotionally. Despite being just one panel, this came across as such a powerful statement of not just the “1 percent” as citizens in the bubble, but also as humanity as a whole.

The art remains consistent throughout both issues so far, which I do like. With this being a post apocalyptic world there’s always going to be violence due to the breakdown of societal norms and structures such as law and order, so I do appreciate that it doesn’t shy away from the violence. Yet it never feels excessive or egregious.

Overall the series has kept up the entertainment and delivered in some character development. With more to come in the next few issues, I look forward to seeing more from Carolyn. This is definitely a series that seems to lean heavily on the Mad Max identity. Which is not a bad thing, they were great films and now this seems to follow along and create a great story with an interesting world of its own. For any post apocalyptic series lovers, this is a must.

Post Americana issue 2 will be released on 27th January from Image Comics, your local comic shop, as well as comixology

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