"The Devil Within" is a so-so midseason episode for "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Ambrose and Sabrina Spellman

The end of Episode 4 "The Hare Moon" revealed to the Spellmans the end of any hope they had regarding the restoration of the coven's magic. Since the moon bath didn't work thanks to the pagan's interference, the family decided it was time to free Lucifer from the Academy's dungeon. Upon arriving, they found Blackwood, Lucifer's flesh Acheron, freed and long gone, but Nick lay overdosed in his stead. Troubled Nick opted to consume two magical concoctions to alleviate the pain and trauma of the time he was Lucifer's flesh Acheron. Left to their own devices, the coven must come up with a new plan to defend against the pagans.

"The Devil Within" starts off with Sabrina solely focused on Nick in the wake of his overdose. Though she wishes to remain by his side until he is well again, cousin Ambrose reminds her she has other priorities to attend to. He isn't wrong in the least. Unfortunately for her mortal friends, Theo and Harvey are stuck with having to babysit a turned to stone Roz after she was cursed by the carnival pagan Nagaina (a Medusa-like snake monster), when the gang went to the carnival to investigate what was truly going on behind the scenes. Suddenly, the teen Queen of Hell is summoned by Lilith to continue with the challenge (that began a couple of episodes back in "Heavy is the Crown") to find the Unholy Regalia of three infernal artifacts. This moment is quite the eye opener for Sabrina as the gravity of all the coven's problems are presented before her.

Meanwhile, Lucifer/Blackwood are afoot and who knows what kind of havoc they will wreak upon Glendale. There also remains the problem of the powerless Church of Night. Which plan will work best for the restoration of even a bit of their powers? Will the end result be what they expected? "The Devil Within" will raise many questions for you as we make our way through the second act of the overarching plotline of Season 3. On another note, I find it fitting that the episode's title is "The Devil Within" as it is also the name of a song by Digital Daggers. One reading of the lyrics will be enough to give you an "ah ha!" moment. It's a good song that actually feels quite fitting for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Sabrina Spellman in The Place of Bones

This episode is written by Matthew Barry, who has worked on the series since its beginning. He was originally a Producer for the first two seasons, but was promoted to Supervising Producer as of season three. It may have been his experience as a Writer on various television series in the United Kingdom and United States that very well got him the job. Barry has also penned one episode for each of the previous seasons. I think he and director Roxanne Benjamin work well together in presenting an episode about impending doom. They certainly push the story forward, but that seems to be it. The episode isn't the best, but it seems to be setting up a lot for what is to come. We're getting close to the end and the next episode should certainly be a big one.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 3 is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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