The end is nigh. Who will pay the price, in the colourful PostAmericana #6? ADVANCE REVIEW

Story and art: Steve Skroce, Colours: Dave Stewart, Letters and Design: Fonografiks.

Our rebels, Carolyn, her mum, and Mike, were all inside the house of Mike's eccentric contact, Marcy. She has now abandoned the group, and turned the cartoon killers The Night Terror and Donny against them., and fleeing with Mike's data chip. With the crazed killers breaking down the wall to get to them, and now with President Nathaniel knowing where they are, it’s only a matter of time until their fates catch up to them. Can they survive together, or are things about to go from bad to worse?

We now reach issue number 6, which was originally meant to be the end. I won’t go on about how I feel about extending the story, as I have done in past reviews. However, this title had a lot to make up to me after extending, and then drawing out much of the story, which could have been shortened. I’m delighted to say that this issue has made up a little of that disappointment. Where I felt the last couple of issues could have been shortened, this surprisingly could have been longer. Without spoiling too much of the story, I have to say Writer/Artist Steve Skroce is able to put together an action-packed issue that has an incredibly emotionally hard-hitting end, something you wouldn’t expect from a series that has mutated murderous chickens.

Now there is a disadvantage to the writing here from my perspective, and that would be the pacing. I had issues with drawing out the series, but this issue could have been longer. The series is at its best when we are in the thick of action. So a full issue of action is great for the story, but we could have seen more of this fight if the series was planned a little differently. This is a problem that maybe only I feel, and I do hope that the last issue is just as action-packed and exciting as this one. If Steve Skroce can do it in the penultimate issue though, I have no doubt that he can do just as well if not even better when penning the script for the final issue.

When it comes to the artwork, this is the best the series has looked so far. I may criticise his writing a little, but Steve Skroce’s artwork is just exceptional. Everything looks so dynamic. I keep saying it, but people who can both pen the script and design the art are incredibly talented. To do them both to an average level is a task, yet it just seems anyone who does goes above and beyond average and excels with only one of them. I feel that in this issue Steve Skroce’s art might just be ahead of his writing for the fact that it’s just so big and bold. When you add the colours by Dave Stewart, it becomes both exciting and terrifying. Exciting by the way the action is depicted, like a true action film (of which I see similarities of this and Rambo by the way people are disposed of).

It’s also terrifying because of the way the violence is shown, these are brutal people who you wouldn’t want to cross in an apocalypse.

Post Americana issue 6 will be released by Image Comics on 7th July from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology

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