The Father's Day edition of Retro Cover features Father/Daughter Bounty Hunters: Body Bags #1 (1996)

In 1996, writer/artist Jason Pearson created a unique duo to build a comic around: father and daughter bounty hunters who don't take any crap from anyone, and are pretty damn bloodthirsty when anyone crosses them.

Clownface is a mountain of a man who prefers Crocodile Dundee-sized knives as his weapons of choice. Panda, his vicious 14 year old daughter, chooses guns, any kind, any size. The ultra-profane, ultra-violent miniseries had several followups, all as entertaining as the first. Interior art from Pearson was always a rare treat, and he didn't disappoint, starting with a simple, in-your-face, iconic cover for issue #1.

From this POP Cover Of The Week, there's no doubt what to expect with this book: mindless violence with some sick humor.

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