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The Final POP: Superman & Lois returns in a super-packed S3E1, and POP says farewell

Yes, this is POP's final post. More on that later.

But first, our final Review! Superman & Lois, Season 3, Episode 1, "Closer"

The Season 3 poster

Superman & Lois returned Tuesday night for its long-awaited (8 months!) Season 3. Filming wrapped on the season earlier this week, and fingers crossed we won't have any pandemic-related delays or long waiting times between episodes like we suffered through last season. During the long hiatus, there were also the corporate and creative shake-ups at The CW and Warners, where some DC movies were delayed (The Flash) or shelved (Batgirl), and nearly every comic book-related tv series was cancelled, with the exception of Superman & Lois and Stargirl. New DCU co-CEO James Gunn has assured us that there will be at least be a 4th season of Superman & Lois, and hopefully more.

There are several blunt reminders that this new actor is Jonathan.

Also during the hiatus was a shake-up in the Superman & Lois cast. Original Jonathan Kent actor Jordan Elsass left the show because of personal health reasons, and has been replaced by Australian actor Michael Bishop. We'll see whether the Aussie can consistently sound like an American teen—his accent showed through in a word or two—but one thing is for sure, Bishop looks much more convincing as a twin to Alex Garfin's Jordan.

Episode 1, "Closer", takes place nearly a month after the events of the last episode. There's a new Fortress where Jordan trains against holographic opponents from the DC archive of villains—when he isn't pining over Sarah, who still needs some space and is still in "Let's just be friends" mode. Ouch. C'mon, girl.

I've said it before in my reviews and I'll say it again, STUFF HAPPENS ON THIS SHOW. It is fast-paced and there's never a boring episode that feels like filler. None of that here. We get drama on top of drama on top of unexpected twist and WHOA, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? moments. This episode hits the ground running and doesn't stop. There's a LOT packed into this season's first hour.

The main focus is on the twins' 16th birthday and the usual rite of passage that is the driver's license test. There's a lot of pressure on Jonathan to pass so he can drive the new truck he was gifted last season, especially since he can't fly wherever he wants like his super-powered bro Jordan. Will Jonathan get powers this season? Let's hope so; as close as these twins are, it's gotta eventually cause some resentment that your twin has powers and you don't.

The way they played with each others' hand was pure chemistry.

The other focus is on a major life change for Lois and Clark, and I'm not talking about the fact that they both now work as reporters for the Smallville Gazette. Let's just say the couple is closer than ever; the chemistry between the two actors continues to be endearing and feels real.

One constant is that the writers continue to give Natalie Irons' character something to be miserable about every episode; they just do not want this kid to be happy for any length of time.

That outfit isn't mysterious, it's goofy.

We get a glimpse of a New Baddie this season: Bruno Mannheim (of Intergang fame), and his weird experiments with super-powered villains, one of which has a very well choreographed and destructive battle with Superman. However, one of Mannheim's goons has to be the goofiest looking villain yet.

Speaking of Superman, the supersuit has changed a bit, mostly for the better. The cape no longer seems to be strangling him or crowding his neck, and the blues and reds seem to be a bit darker. The S-symbol is actually molded in 3D now, rather than printed with highlights and shadows to imply 3D. It looks solid and strong, although a bit too dark in color compared with the rest of the reds in the suit.

And speaking of darkness, the producers say that this season will be darker than the first two. Hopefully it won't get too dark...I miss that feeling of Hope we got in Season 1. But it literally IS darker in this episode. I watched it during the daytime, and I had to turn up the brightness on my tv because so many scenes were so dimly lit. It made the first action scene very difficult to enjoy, which was a shame because it featured some dynamite action and close-up super-poses. I even had to brighten (a lot!) the screen cap below so you could see details.

Dimly lit but dynamic. Note: episode directed by that Harrison Wells guy from The Flash!

Superman & Lois is a deserving choice to keep the comic book action going on The CW, or wherever it may move in the future. Now more than ever, IT'S THE BEST SHOW YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING.


For the past 4 years, everyone at POP has enjoyed sharing their love for comic books and comic book based pop culture. Our group started as four guys from the U.S. and Canada, but our writing team quickly grew to include men and women from all over the globe, from England to India and Japan.

We've seen a lot happen since POP began: the zenith of the golden age of superhero tv with nearly 20 comic book based shows to enjoy (and the recent, sad cancellations of nearly every one of them)... the MCU reached new heights with Endgame... a pandemic put much of the comic book industry on hold (and is still causing monthly delays of many titles), and pushed back many box office releases or moved them to home streaming release.

POP has covered it all, enthusiastically. Publishing more than 1,500 articles along the way.

We thank the publishers who gave us access to early copies of their titles so we could create Advance Reviews, and thanks to all the comic creators who graciously gave their time for Interviews.

We salute the writers that stuck with POP through thick and thin, and especially those who racked up 100+ posts and were rewarded with their very own comic caricature profile portraits alongside the POP Admins:

Andrew Carr

Taheg Gloder

and Austin Kemp.

We also thank POP co-founder Matt Henry for returning to the fold to handle social media duties.

So, from POP co-founder and Admin/Designer/Editor Mack Johnson...

and POP Owner/Boss/Admin Michael Austerlitz...

...THANK YOU for your Likes and your Views! So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye...and Keep Reading Comics!

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