The first post-Crisis Flash ep deals with Oliver's death, a new reality, new threats, Doctor Light

The Flash, Season 6, Episode 10:

The first post-Crisis episode finds Team Flash, all aware of the pre-Crisis reality, coming to terms with the strange, new world they live in, and how it is different from the previous one. All parallel Earths are gone. All of history has been rewritten. Some heroes—like Black Lightning, Supergirl, and Superman— and villains from other Earths now exist on the Arrowverse Earth, designated Earth Prime 2000.

The Flash appears only briefly in the opening scene in this Iris-centric episode

Cisco in particular feels lost and overwhelmed by all the changes. He makes a drastic decision by episode’s end about how to deal with it.

The main storyline follows Iris and her fellow reporter-investigators at The Citizen exposing a tech corporation for covert weapons dealing, and the retaliation they face from a previously secret org (ludicrously) calling themselves Black Hole. Black Hole is suspected of that mentioned weapons dealing, and the capture. training, and trafficking of metas. Their hunters-enforcers use high tech light-based weapons to literally create black holes in whatever they hit, disintegrating them. The very same tech created by the corp exposed by The Citizen.

The main enforcer looks like an ‘80s Disco reject in her shiny silver jacket and chunky punk shades. Team Flash clumsily calls her a “doctor of light” in passing. Why not just let Cisco use his codename talent to call her Doctor Light and avoid the lame wordplay? Expect her to be a new recurring villain.

This Doctor Light needs tech to focus her power

Meanwhile, a subplot follows John Diggle (Spartan from Arrow) as he shows up to present Barry with something left to him by Oliver in his will. The object fires Barry up for a mission he thinks Oliver wanted him to finish. John reluctantly tags along, and the running gag (!) of his motion sickness when Barry superspeeds him around is welcome comic relief. Their mission gives Barry some much-needed closure about Oliver’s death.

The episode ends with Iris continuing her investigations, unwisely going it alone, at the tech corp’s HQ. Using the key card her informant gave her, she accesses a mothballed office. The final scene seems to suggest the emergence of a classic villain from the Flash’s comic book Rogues Gallery.

Iris' informant is assassinated by Doctor Light, and she is next

With lots of new villain possibilities, the rest of season six should be a lot of fun!

Special note: My very smart teenager pointed out that all the new CW episodes in the second halves of their seasons so far have featured new opening title montages that likely reflect the post-Crisis, rewritten history of their new reality.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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